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Contact Vegdude's ISP

It’s time to contact the ISP that Vegdude uses. They will cancel his service.


  • lol! that’s hilarious!

  • +100000000000000!

    And the ISP of the other trolls. Perhaps we can IP-ban them from at least their home IP addresses?

    The openness of this site is wonderful, but clearly it’s causing problems. kandace and ray thank you both for all your hard work here. I would love to make a helpful suggestion…it would make more work, but maybe we could get a few members to do some moderating work to help out? I was going to suggest that maybe when people want to sign up here, they have to write a quick little paragraph as to why they want to join that has to be reviewed prior to being allowed to post in the forums, like giveittomeraw.com does. I’m sure some of our wonderful members here might be willing to share the moderating load. I know I’m new here, but I happily would volunteer to screen potential new forum members.

    Thank you two again for all you do here!

  • I once signed up for a message board dealing with knee problems and other sports injuries. I first had to fill out a bio and why I wanted to join. Two days later I got the OK via email and was officially able to post. Not a bad idea.

  • I think that phase “lol! that’s hilarious!” is always gonna remind of this troll infestation. That phrase has been ruined for me for a while.

  • So is the phrase “relax” or “relacks” ...can do without hearing that too!

  • Um, yeah, whatever…the only ugliness I see in this post are your comments. :) Here’s one of your own quotes…I think that you are having trouble seeing that people are laughing and joking around and you aren’t enjoying it, or ignoring it, which is what you said other people should do…

    “Now it’s one-stop shopping for me here… I check in for the latest great recipes, read through a few serious discussion threads, and then have a laugh at some of the other “discussions”. It’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves and why not enjoy the joking around? Or I guess ignore it, if you can’t appreciate it. Just good fun.”—Bella

  • Sorry that you feel that way, Bella.

  • Bella- Wow. You seem to be preaching acceptance and compassion, yet your words are nothing but- – infact, quite the opposite. Interesting to see how benevolent the people here treat you and your antagonistic, intentionally hurtful spewed ideas about us. It seems you’re no “better” than the rest of us you judge so harshly.

  • I agree with Bella in the sense that the “trolls” generally created a much bigger reaction than they deserved. They’re just some stupid teenagers with nothing better to do with their time, who cares? Its their problem if their lives are so empty that they resort to trolling forums for entertainment. I just thought they were funny. I think everyone took them way too personally, and in my opinion a lot of unnecessary ugliness was shown from members of this site. Really, a lot of people need to learn to take a joke.

    On the other hand, I think Bella was a total bitch in those last few posts. No offense, Bella, it was just a little blunt and I think the personal attacks were unnecessary and cruel. I personally think MOTH is beautiful, and I really enjoy her posts in a lot of the threads.

    Also, I can see how some people were really offended by the tolls. This site is a really great place to go to connect with strangers all over the globe and share a communal sense of support and positive energy. I appreciate this aspect of the site and can see how people perceived the trolls as a threat to that sense of communal support. Still, I think the reaction to them was blown out of proportion. Really, police? Outside my house people are smoking crack in a children’s playground. Two blocks over you can get any kind of prostitute you want; midget, asian, transvestite, you name it and my neighborhood has it. The police have better things to do. Just ban the trolls and move on, or ignore them until they lose interest.

    The moral of my post? I don’t know I can’t really think of one. But please people, when expressing your opinions try to be sensitive to how others may feel. And learn to take a joke for what it is. I’m glad this troll thing is over and we can get back to the normal GoneRaw, because this site kicks ass.

  • Oh jeez, this is like the GoneRaw witch hunt for trolls.


    I crack myself up, sorry if no one else finds that funny, but I think I’m hilarious.

    And thanks, Bella =] xoxo

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    i find moth beautiful, serene, and calm. :)

  • Oh, but speaking of contacting Vegdudes ISP, I don’t think it would do much. I once had a boyfriend whose ex-roommate posted an ad on the internet about wanting male to male domination, and then put my boyfriends phone number at the end of it. My boyfriend started getting all these weird calls about being dominated, and I thought it was hilarious, though he did not.

    Point being, my boyfriend contacted his ex-roommates ISP and they were just like, “Uh… sorry man. Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t know I guess.”

    I don’t know much about computer stuff but I don’t think trolling forums is enough to get internet shut off for someone?

  • I can’t believe that anyone would say that about Moth. What did she ever do to do to deserve that comment? That is so sad that you said that, Bella. You can’t judge someone by their picture like that. If you meant no ill-intent, than why do you even have to say anything at all about someone you don’t even know? That would be the best route.

    Moth is trying to get her life together and she is going through the changes – she has had some difficult changes lately and is just working though them. She is helping herself by posting on here and her posts are always honest and insightful. She is just trying to make her life better like the rest of us. But I guess we all can’t be perfect like you then can we?

    Where is the picture of you than? You are hiding behind a flower? After your posts above, I am doubtful that your picture will radiate energy, happiness and shine either. If you are living so “big and happy” why do you need to post on here and put others down? Maybe GoneRaw is too small for you then and you should go elsewhere.

    Normally, I wouldn’t say anything to thread like this – but Moth is honestly one of the nicest honest people on here and I just gotta defend her. Go and attack me for it if you wish.

  • I second queenfluff: leave moth alone!

  • Bella, I don’t understand why you are being so hurtful towards me. /shrug/

    Oh well; I’m off to yoga. :-)

  • Glad to see you’ve shrugged it off MOTH, enjoy your Yoga.

  • Anyone who doesnt like the way the site owners handle a situation can always go elsewhere. Your mere support of anyone who actively tries to destroy a site is suspect in of itself. You’re either blind or suffer with the delusion that you are somehow a “sensitive person”. Excuse me while I choke.

    As far as I know, none of the members are paying $200 to $300 a month to rent a server, so you are way out of line coming down on the owners or the members who support them. To assume people are picking on a poor little loner is ludicrous. You are either unable to read, or are stoned.

    Bella is a troll. He’s having a fit, kicking and screaming. This is what stupid, ugly, psycopaths do. They are cowards and unwanted for good reason.

    Shame on the few members who are slamming the site owners. Very selfish, very greedy. Gimme what I want, when I want, huh?

  • Moth, you are a total cutie-pie.OOXX

  • lol this thread is hilarious

  • I once had a roommate scream at me, “YOU’RE THE MOST INSENSITIVE PERSON I’VE EVER MET!!!” and then waddle off to her room to cry. SHE, was a troll. At least she looked like one. And she did what a stupid, ugly, psychopath would do. What an unlovable bitch.

    See? I never claimed to be sensitive.

    And I appreciate what Kandace and Ray do and am very thankful to them for this website, which has helped me in many ways on my path through raw foodism. I don’t want to “slam” them in any way shape or form. They rock! I just don’t think the trolls were THAT big of a deal. Either ban them or ignore them until they get bored.

    All you guys did by making such a huge fuss over this was give the trollers exactly what they wanted.

    Can’t we all just agree to disagree on this one? Remember what we all (most of us anyways) said about acceptance and shit? So lets stop the witch-hunt.

    Hug City, population: Raw Fooders!

  • I joined this site not as a troll but around the same time some of these trolls did apparently. I just want to let you all know that since I have been eating raw (I am not 100% raw) I have lost 2.5 kgs after initially putting on weight. (I am extremely overweight so this is good) My skin is going a little blotchy but I am feeling a lot better in myself. I like this site …...it helps me relakcs…Lol!!

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