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Vegdude appears to just have rejoined under dudeofveg!

Just a heads up!

Sorry bout the “we” I started to type one sentence then rephrased and forgot to edit. :p


  • Branwyn32 hey the ‘we’ doesn’t bother me, but as the creator of a forum I think that you can re-type it’s headline at any time…
    this is only an fyi just in case you wish to…

  • So do you think all the trolls here are the same kid or does he have an entorouge? I too think it’s time to report the abuse to his ISP

  • It’s like trying to get rid of carpenter ants.

  • greenghost Thanks! :) Got it!

    Caleb I’m a bit of a forum addict (music business forum, band forum, raw forum, a bunch of livejournal communities!) so I’ve seen a good share of trolling, but rarely so persistent and to such and extent. I originally thought it was just one kid with a bunch of monikers but there’s so many now I wonder if it’s maybe 2 or 3 (at most). Regardless there’s some really bored lonely people in their mom’s basement somewhere. :S

  • Carpenter ants lol, more like lice….

  • Yeah, I’m keeping the account data and posts around, in case it’s needed for legal proceedings. An ISP will comply if we have evidence of threats and hateful behavior, and need to contact the police, which I think we’ve gotten rather close to already.

    Just because we’re online doesn’t mean legal and moral standards of behavior don’t apply. I do hope our veg-friend remembers that….

  • I wasn’t sure about vegdude – at times he seemed ok but other times not. Yeah, you think he would have thought up a totally different name – I mean, of course we are gonna know that is him!

    JoyceH and harmonylia – You guys crack me up!:) I was think they were like like “pop-up windows” and that we need a good “pop-up blocker”.:)

  • I feel the community on Gone Raw unifying; definitely a silver lining to all this troll business.

    RAWR! :-D

  • To get rid of lice you put something hot next to there butts. Hummmm

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