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1200 calories.

So at least 1200 calories is the amount a body needs so that the metabolism doesn’t slow down. Does anyone else have trouble getting that much?

I already have a ton of fat in my diet from nuts, oils and avocados and that also seems to be where I’m getting practically all of my calories from. I guess raw food is more filling and whatnot, but I want to be eating enough!

How many calories do you eat on a daily basis? I wrote myself out a meal plan for the week if anyone would be interested I could e-mail it to them. I think it needs some tweaking. :/



  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    No Gear Shifter, you’re not weird. That’s exactly how I eat. I love to be able to just eat whenever I’m hungry and not gain weight. Not like any diet I’ve been on in the past. I have no clue how many calories. That’s what I love about being raw, besides how good it makes me feel!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    yeah, I don’t count ever but I used to before I went raw and so I know all the amounts everything is. I haven’t ever gained any weight on raw and I’ve only lost it but now I”m sort of evening off and I’d still like to lose some weight. I know I have a slow metabolism.

    I do seem to eat all the time though and I can’t seem to get enough calories. I don’t eat nuts and that may contribute. I also haven’t had avocado in a long time. I do use olive oil in my salad dressing so that might help. I rarely eat grains so I’m basically on fruits and veggies.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I would actually be interested in seeing it. I feel at times I’m not getting enough calories. I continue to loose weight since going mostly raw, if the pattern keeps up I will reach an unhealthy weight. I do eat quite a bit of fruit throughout my day and sometimes nuts, so I may be better than I think, but I am interested in seeing what you have done.

  • drgonfly,

    I’m so glad to hear someone else say that! Since I went Vegan, I lost a lot of weight, but, even though I’m trying to eat more and more raw every day, My weight stays within two pound of 135. I usually just don’t worry about it. =]

  • ooh I want to see your meal plan! I don’t really count calories these days, but fats don’t tend to sit well with me so I do tend to eat a lot of lower calorie stuff like fruits and plain vegetables – I am sure that some days I don’t get enough calories.

  • I’ve recently started tracking, since I’ve been eating mostly following the 80/10/10 diet. So I”m eating mostly just fruit, some veggies, no nuts, a little bit of sprouted grains, and a little bit of overt fat from avocados.

    Yesterday, when I was low on my amount of calories, I at some more fruit, and it went up. Each piece of fruit seemed to be worth an extra 100 calories. It got me up to 1580 calories!

    I’m using the Cron-o-meter tracking, you can download it from their website.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    littlegems, what piece of fruit are you eating that has 100 calories. Bananas are really high in calories and the average size banana has about 75 calories, Oranges are fairly high too, and they only have 45 calories. Are you sure your eating organic fruit ;)

  • Caleb:

    I guess I should rephrase what I wrote: it wasn’t each piece of fruit, it was each snack of fruit. So I ate a dessert of 2 blended bananas, 1 tbls. of raw cacao powder, and 10 strawberries cut up on top of the pudding. I think that meal was about 300 calories. oh, and I only buy organic fruit. :)

    sorry for the confusion.

  • Eating a big bowl of soaked and drained garbanzo beans (chickpeas) with a little salt and olive oil, is a good way to get 1000 extra calories in. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Caleb: Mangoes, durian and papaya are high in calories. The high calorie foods also tend to have more enzymes.

    If you’re losing weight, you might want to include more avocado (another high calorie fruit) and young coconut. You don’t want to do what I did. I lost 19 pounds in the first few months going mostly raw, and I lost so much muscle that I became weak and malnourished. :)

  • Kevlar, when I soaked garbanzos (for 48 hours!),they never got really soft. Have you found the same thing, or do you do anything else to make them soften? I like your idea of garbanzos, salt and olive oil.

  • They’re a little crunchy (kinda like cereal) but you get used to them. They’ve become one of my favorite foods now. :)

  • Interesting. I’ll give it another shot. Thanks!

  • iknikn

    I don’t count the calories either, but I am bellow 1000. I tried to do the 8-1-1 and counted maybe for 2-3 days, I was at about 800 on avg. I tried to make hummus out of soaked chikpeas and got sooooo sick! I cannot eat any soaked legumes. Also I have a hard time with nuts. They make me feel so slugish.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i have not checked in awhile. how do you check the calories of juice???

    my husband is raw but doesn’t want to lose weight or get too much fat. he eats a lot of buckwheat cereal.

  • Honeywater, I would love to see a copy of your meal plan and thank-you :)

  • Wow, I noticed a lot of people aren’t getting enough calories. 1000 calories and below is considered a starvation diet. The brain and body need more than 1k to function properly… anything other than that and there is going to be defeciency problems. 1k or less is like putting the cheapest gas possible in a car and expecting it to run well. Your brain and body should be valued as high preformance! not half assed! I’ve seen a lot of people have problems properly balancing a raw diet. They get stuck with malnutrition issues, poor mental health, low energy, radical food cravings, protein defeciency, sleep problems, mood swings, associated health problems, etc.

    I’ve been away so I wasn’t able to see this post sooner or I would of responded.What is your reasoning for getting so little kcals? – this question goes to those whose intake is 1k or lower.

    I up my intake with: avocdos, hemp seeds and oil, raw olive oil, bananas, fresh dates, dried fruits, fresh coconut meat, raw smoothies and shakes, raw soup concotions, sprouted lentils, etc. Sometimes I use raw nuts but not on a regular basis.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I eat about 1200 calories a day, too, honeywater, but I’ve been dieting to loose weight. Some days I go up to 1600, other days, I drop to 900. It depends on how hungry I am. Also, I don’t move or exercise, so I suck as an example. I really do need to rectify that non-move-my-ass part of my life.

    I do have a lot of fatty foods in my diet, especially avocados. They are amazing. I also recently added hemp seeds to my diet, and chia. They’re not something I indulge in large amounts. I only eat some for protein or omega-3. Sometimes I’ll eat a handfull of walnuts or pecans.

    I don’t do a lot of oils, though. My tummy doesn’t appreciate concentrated fats.

    I probably eat two large, green salads a day, with tomatoes and avocado. I snack on whole fruits and tea in between meals. Once or twice a week I’ll make a meal from one of the recipes on this site.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Lulushka8-I eat plenty! I know my caloric intake is only around 600-800 but pretty much all I eat is fruit. It’s hard to get up there when nuts, oil, and all that isn’t there. I don’t do well with nuts and I try to eat some oils but I’m perfectly full all the time and I’m in no way over thin (5’5” and 130lbs). So I don’t have an eating disorder and I took someone’s advice (annabelle I think) and tried to have coconut oil last night and it was so rich I got sick! I’m trying to add in more calories but I guess I only have time to really eat in the evening so I only have a couple or three pieces of fruit during the day.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    achin70: I haven’t seen any mangos or durian at the store I shop at, are they seasonal? Their fruit also gets ravaged pretty early every day too though and I can’t go until evening.

    I am eating more avos lately. I love making one full of spices, onions and garlic and throwing that on my salad.

    I have lost 10lbs in about 4-6 weeks. WAY more than I want. Lately I have been increasing my quantities too. I find it hard since fruits and veggies have some few calories.

    lulushka8, it’s not intentional. I have been eating a lot more Genesis bread lately too even though it’s not raw along with some raw cheese on occasion to get my count up.

    I need as many suggestions as possible to get my count higher. I would definitely say I am getting over 1,000 though, but I need closer to 2,000 for my size. 6ft, currently 170-173, was 180 prior to eating mostly raw.

    edit: did a count from yesterday and I got about 1,500-1,800, well under what I need to be at. Should I be eating more things like nuts or nut butters between meals, or would that be too much fat?

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I just figured up my calories for yesterday and even though I was trying harder(had some seed cheese and coconut oil) I still was only just over 700.

    How can I raise it?

  • Jazus I eat a lot compared to many of you. Just my kale salad at lunch sometimes has almost 700 calories:

    Here’s an example even though my salads differ every day:

    tomato 25, 1/3 cuc 15, 1/2 avo 160, 2 tb hemp oil 160, 2 tb olive oil 240, kale 80, dulse 10, lemon juice 6,


    although lately I’m using a dressing of 1 TB of olive oil and no hemp oil which reduces calories a bit!!

    1/4 Cup of nuts/seeds has 200 calories easily and I sometimes eat sunflower seeds or walnuts or hemp seeds.

    My green smoothies have about 300 calories b/c I add flax seeds which have about 150 calores for a heaping TB. (sometimes I add cacao for a kick and that adds another 120)

    So things add up pretty quickly for me and I probably eat about 2000+ calories a day. But I also workout 6 days a week, sometimes 7 doing a lot of running, hiking, hot power (bikram)yoga ….I calculated that I burn over 3,500 calories a week but I don’t loose weight and I would love to loose the 2-3 pounds from Italy this past spring…grrrrr…but when I try to cut out some of the higher calorie foods, I just get so darn hungry and cranky :-)

    Goes to show how different we all are and just so many variables…

    I think I’d pass out if I only had 600-700 calories a day (although I would if I could just to loose these few stubborn pounds). Even with 2000, I’m always hungry..

  • OH My god, I’m with JoyceH, my salads are like everything but the kitchen sink kind, at least 500 to 700 calories, easily. Even so, when I first started I actually GAINED weight, which made me go WTF?! I noticed I was carb loading, I guess I was compensating for the foods I used to eat and now I listen to my body better. I was forcing tons of greens into my body and at one point, I actually got nauseated from them and had to stop. So now, I pay attention to my body, listen to when I’m hungry, what I’m hungry for and be sure to add in enough fats, proteins and carbs to balance out. You have to eat at least 1000 calories, (like johnny said) to be functional.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Well my work outs are yoga and pilates and they aren’t incredibly tolling to my body as far as burning calories.

    I don’t use hemp oil or avocados(they’re sooo expensive right now here) I don’t even know what dulse is. ha. But I’m trying to raise my calories a bit so I’m trying to do more oils. We’ll see how it goes:)

  • bikram yoga is crazy with the 105 temps (wish it were 5 degrees cooler) and the best workout I’ve ever done personally…I’ve looked up the calories burned and according to websites and the teachers, someone my size should burn anywhere from 700-800 per 90 min session. I believe it b/c it totally kicks my ass….but in a good way..I sweat like a pig in there along with everyone else :-)

    Sometimes I think I should be loosing weight with this yoga even with my 2000 calorie diet but I do feel healhty and strong and feel like I need less and less sleep so maybe things are OK!

    Yes hempseed oil is expensive which is another reason I’ve cut it out of my groceries lately. Recently, avos have been on sale at our co-op: $1.39/a piece for organic and I get 2 days from one. Apple cider vinegar is cheap and I mix it with Olive oil and lemon juice lately

  • iknikn

    My God Joyce, that’s one huge salad there! See, I am not moving as much as I should. At work I’m sitting most of the time, 7-8 hours, or I take my kids to baseball, where again I sit on my butt for two-three hours. The only excersise I get lately is walking my dog, who is as lazy as me. We’ll walk maybe half a mile a day. pretty pathetic. I started yoga, but it’s hard for me to find a quite time. I constantly get interrupted and it takes the joy out of it.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    here avocados are more than $2 a piece(non organic) crazy. I do use olive oil in my salad dressings but I don’t eat salads every day. lately I’ve been craving cabbage(unfortunately extremely low on the calories) and have been eating it with everything.

    I made spring onion seed cheese and have been using it as a dip the last two days. It’s rich for me so I can’t handle to much of it

    Should I just eat way more fruits and veggies since the rich stuff doesn’t work well for me? How can I raise my calories without getting sick?

  • troublesjustabubble – maybe you don’t need to raise your calories. We are all so very different. I don’t know why I need to eat so much and wish I could cut waaayyyy back. Even after my huge salad, I sheepishly admit I will walk over to the co-op and maybe buy a 1/ pint of raspberries (whatevers in season) or even some locally made raw fudge balls (eeeek!!!).

    I’m probably the last person to be giving advice but I would recommend to anyone to eat as many greens as you can tolerate. With a nice light dressing of olive oil and lemon juice, etc this will add a few more calores. Sprinkle some sunflowers seeds for even a few extra calories. Maybe double the size of your green smoothies if you do them?

  • Oh, what about a raw hummus recipe?? I only make really rich stuff on weekends but the “real hummus” recipe by ofek on this site is awesome. Filling and not too heavy. I was mixing it this week with fresh arugala greens for dinner..yumm…I imagine with the sesame seeds and olive oil, it had a few more extra calories than I needed…but for someone looking to add them, this could work :-)

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Ok, I’m thinking mine is higher now. I didn’t realize there was 290 calories in 2tbs of olive oil. The dressing I use is usually a mix of olive oil, tahini and lemmon juice and a little bit of namu shoyu. Looking to learn more dressing options though :) Don’t want to get bored.

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