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mangers thread?

Is it me or my mac? cant find the mangers thread and the format tonight is really wonky…..


  • The format seems very wonky to me and i have only been here three days or so. No new thread flags and now you say a thread is missing.

    I am on a pc running firefox so it isn’t your mac.

  • thanks ungrateful ill post in the fix it section

  • Yes, my forum is messed up too.

  • Guys,

    I discovered yesterday that certain threads weren’t getting bumped to the top of the list when they were replied too.

    Here is The Mangers thread:


    If you reply to it now, it should bump to the top of the thread list. I don’t post in that thread normally so I’ll let one of you regulars “bump” it. :)

    Yesterday that recently replied feature wasn’t working for a while and a few threads got screwed up.

    (I posted in the Gone Raw section – the links that some people were looking for)

  • thanks queenfluff, i went there an of course wasnt signed in tried too and it said three errors occurred? WTF? oh well hoepthay can get this sorted sooon!

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