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I tried numerous times to change my personal website on my profile and although it says my changes were saved, my profile has not changed.


  • KAIT, I just made a couple of changes to my profile and they held. You might want to try again. If they still don’t hold try notifying Ray and Kandace through the Major Updates, Coming Soon! thread. Good luck.

  • emtpdmom – Thank you for the reply. I just tried to change my personal website again and it still hasn’t held. I will try contacting one of the moderators through the thread you mentioned.

  • I’m bumping this topic because I’ve still not been able to change my profile!

  • Hey Kait, no one else is able to either. I think we just have to wait it out. There have been numerous posts about this so hopefully Kandace/Ray will see it.

  • I know. I’m so sorry. We’ve tried and tried to fix the current system, but it’s just plain broken.

    We’re building a whole new one, from scratch basically, and then moving all our current posts and recipes and pictures and so on into that. I say this because I’m excited because everything will then Just Work. No more of this fussing about with a broken down system.

    I mean, the current website is now fast and all, but it’s just not doing so well. There’s too many issues.

    So all I’m saying is that in about ten days we’ll have a whole brand new shiny system for you. You’ll be able to do a ton of better stuff. And I’m sorry there’s so many problems now. We really are going to fix it!!!!


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