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having problems uploading recipes

I’ve tried to upload several recipes multiple-multiple times, but to no avail. The ingredient list is uploading, but nothing else. Any insight is appreciated.


  • are you including a picture?
    Right now recipes are only ‘taking’ if there is a picture included.

    It’s funny how system quirks are though – because pictures for profiles won’t load at all, but the recipes won’t get uploaded without a photo.

    But I’m sure that these things will get ironed out…

  • i’ve had a similar problem… tried to upload one and when i hit the button to submit it, it just brought up the blank form… very annoying

  • oh yes, definitely used photos/ weird.

  • I tried to upload a Salad recipe and it seemed to work, but it never made the home page! Sigh, I wish I could see your recipes poemomm and post one myself.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    This is a problem for the mediators of the site, hopefully they will respond quickly because I really need whatever recipes poemmomm has to share!

  • Haha yes dreasraw me too! I managed to post my recipe. It just took a minute to show up in the Home Page.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    poemomm have you tried emailing them directly? Maybe that will get a faster response!

  • At present, recipes are needing images in order to be posted (this is a bug, although I have been enjoying more images). We are working on this fix an others. Read more about the updates:


  • kandace, poemomm is posting pictures. What about having trouble posting recipes with pictures?

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