profile updating problems

I still can’t update my profile…any suggestions?


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    sid23~ My best suggestion is to have patience with the updating process that is currently going on with the website. I’m confident that Ray and Kandace, the owners of the website, are more than aware there is an issue with the profile updating.

    Try again in another few days… if it doesn’t work then, post the issue either on this thread or better yet, post (any website issues) on Major Updates, Coming Soon! so Ray/Kandace have all update issues in one place, and try again in, yet, another few days… etc.

    You can check back on Major Updates, Coming Soon! to see if Ray/Kandace have responded and what others have noticed re: update issues. You may even find workarounds there and other useful info.

    Be patient. It will be fixed… soon. The site is worth “riding out” the occasional site hiccups. :)

  • Thanks for the advice. I have a funny picture of a durian I took with my phone and I am a little overly excited to see it when i post! I am a pretty big dork…I’d put that on my profile if I could! And I agree this site is great. I’ll be on, quirky durian picture or not!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    sid23~ :) Looking forward to seeing your funny durian pict! Maybe I’ll hold my breath until you are able to post it… I’m holding my breath… I’m getting (more) blue. ;)

    BTW… welcome to the dorky club (I am a charter member)... you have plenty of company on this site. Right y’all? ;)

    Oh… another BTW… It would be really helpful to Ray and Kandace if when you report a website issue you give a few details (I was here, then I did this and that, then that happened… etc.) and include what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc, plus version if you know that) you are using. Ray (I’m presuming he is more directly involved with the programming of the site) will know if your issue is a new one or one that has been previously reported.

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