White background on Forum page

So, does anyone else get a white background (NO COLOR) on their FORUMS page and TOPIC page? No Ads, no tables, not tabs, just text.

I want to search a forum, but because it’s all WHITE and “empty-looking” I don’t get the SEARCH field or button to search.

I don’t know if this happens on Safari… but I’m seeing this on IE 6.0 and have seen this for several days… (weeks?)

OH WAIT, it looks like there’s a post on that… let me check it.


  • Yes, the backgrounds are white for me, too. They have been for the past few days.

  • It is just on IE – they haven’t fixed it yet. YOu will have to use Safari or Firefox to get the technicolor version. Kandance said they are changing some stuff still so it might be fixed soon.

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