I can't access my account

Hi there, I am unable to log into my account ever since upgrading my OS. I’ve had to create another account in order to get the good folk at gone raw to help me change my initial log in details. I’ve already emailed the guys at rbrigleb@gmail.com. but have not heard anything. I want my old account back as it’s got heaps of recipes that i have saved. If the admin could contact me at shnicky1@yahoo.com, that would be great. My log in name went funny ever since the upgrade a few months ago. It was initially zöchen but then changed to z�chen. Now I can’t log in. If you could please get back to me that would be great.

thanks heaps



  • I thought I might bump this up again in hope that the Admin would see it. I would really love to get my old account back. Thanks heaps.

  • ZoeZoe

    hi zoe, try posting this on the “gone raw” forum and maybe emailing kandace and ray again, they’re really busy with all the updates they’re currently doing, maybe they haven’t got round to your email yet.

  • I agree, people don’t come to this forum often so you should try a different one. :)

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