Magic Harmony: A NEW Raw Vegan Personals website!

YAY! THE NEW Raw Vegan Personals! I am finally done with my Raw Vegan Personals website! It is exclusive and you can search by anything, including percentage raw, type of raw, age, city, gender etc. and pretty much anything else you can find on a regular dating website :-) I have set it up as a community, as that seemed the best option. It is not at all meant to compete with any other online community, it is just meant to add more to our online experience as raw fooders as it has features that are not present elsewhere. I need you guys to join and get active there! Please, let’s encourage our essential online communities for people with our diet types. Spread the word!

I have sorely felt the need for an interactive raw dating community, and I am so blessed and excited to present this to you! It is currently in Trial Phase, as I am just launching it. Join now, as it is free only for 90 days while I test it, improve it, and make it look REAL pretty . I will be listening to your feedback on how I can improve this website for your needs. Once the 90 days is over, I will have to charge for the website, only a very NOMINAL fee to cover moderation, technical, and hosting costs.


  • I joined to see what you had to offer… Your contact page doesn’t work!!! I had login problems so I tried to contact but it didn’t work either… Not off to a good start…

    Edit~ Sign in is now working…..

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