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New! 5 Star Raw Spa Cuisine with Chef Bryan Au raw recipe book is now available! INFO...

Check out my all new raw organic recipe book FIVE STAR RAW SPA CUISINE WITH CHEF BRYAN AU! All new 2 to 5 minute raw recipes with mostly NO-NUTS, NO-DEHYDRATING, NO-Dates and are NEW: “Bacon and Eggs”, Ramen Noodles, Donuts, Cupcakes, Cookie Dough, Pesto Kelp Noodles with Asparagus tips, “Teriyaki Rice” and a lot of fun surprises, totally new recipes. All FULL COLOR PHOTOS that are gorgeous and highly stylized for photos and more info:


All of your sense will be pleased as you are transported to a world full of Tropical Fantasy and Delights!

Just breathe, it is ok, raw info is good for you, and you can never keep a RAW CHEF DOWN NEVER HA HA AH AHHAHAH!!!!

Bryan Au http://www.RawInTen.com


  • Dude! Come on! How much shameless self-promotion can you possibly do on this site? One post in one thread would be adequate.

  • yea, to be honest, you are kinda alienating me and I don’t think thats the best way to win customers. If I were you, I would cool off a little on the crazy posting.

  • yea, I agree too this really is a bit much.

  • Mmmm…sounds really good Bryan…the pictures are really pretty.

  • Your stuff looks lovely and if you can step back for a moment, take a breath and let your hard work speak for itself I think you will be greatly appreciated. You’ve done a beautiful job and now answering the occasional question and letting us in on when you have new projects is great. Bombarding the forums with paragraph after paragraph can be a turn off. I wish you well, it’s all love here! Enjoy people coming to you! All the best!

  • Heartshapedsky, for the last hour or so I’ve been trying to put my feelings on this subject into words. You’ve expressed so eloquently what I’ve been feeling that I no longer need to say anymore than “thank you.”

  • Thanks for saying that emtpdmom. I really wasn’t sure if I should post it, but it was heartfelt so I did it!

  • Ok got it everyone sheesh! Cool I am new and learning so relax it is ok!!!! Everything will be ok it is not the end of the world!!! Thanks! :D

  • Don’t Hate! Participate! HAHAHA AHHAAHHA AHHHAHA HAHA HA HA! Ha…oh. I am just a RAW REBEL what can I say? And HA got your attention for a few minutes! YOU ARE RAW YOU ARE RAW YOU ARE RAWESOME!!!

  • Also I am trying to change my photo but it is not changing or working!!! ???

  • I just did a in depth interview that explains why I DO RAW FOR A LIVING and what I am really about: http://rawepicurean.net/2008/11/06/bryan-au-an-...

    It really captures the flavor of what I am about, why I promote RAW and more! There are also FREE GIVEAWAYS, DISCOUNTS, RAW SECRETS and more I hope you enjoy it! :D

    Raw hugs, Bryan Au

  • I have to agree. It is a turnoff to see that in every thread and post you have to plug your products and services. Posting once in the Talk It Up and having it in your profile is plenty. This last post you have the exactly the same thing in another thread – it really gets tiresome – to the point where I don’t even want to read your posts any more.

    My bf and I were doing a little Raw Meal Service for a while and I posted on here but only once for events and in the Talk It Up section and that was it. (yeah, I know that section is broken right now)

    I have your Raw In Ten book and I think your recipes are cool. But honestly because of the way to “push” yourself on others on here makes me not want to buy any of your stuff anymore – no matter how good it might be. Although, I myself am not anti-dehydrator.

    I know that you were warned on Give It To Me Raw to not spam your products so much – why do you think you can come here are do the same thing?

    I know this board is not so heavily monitered as Give It To Me Raw but the people who post on here still don’t want to deal with it.

    It seems like you are only here to try to make money and that is unattractive. It like getting all that junk mail for products in your mailbox that goes straight into the recycling bin. Ugh.

    Word of advice: Just hang and chill OK? You will get a much better reception by the members here.

  • Dude, stop blasting us with advertisements and then telling us all to chill. If you post one more of your self-promoting topics, I will forever boycott all of your books and products. I’m going to rip my coat like the father in the Jazz Singer and have you out of my life for good. Stop selling us!

  • Yossel? I have no son … LOL! Oy vey, Dagny! You slay me.

  • sigh…

  • man bryan if you would just lay back a bit in posting in every section, and if you would please check out the Gone Raw forum threads on the updates as to why you can’t change your picture.

  • Ok, I hate to be a maverick right now (hehehe…I’m going to be milking the Sarah Palin jokes for a while) but I just purchased Bryan’s first book which I had been meaning to do for a while (from Amazon since I have an account set up and it’s as easy as pie to order). Carrie had very good things to say about it so I’m looking forward to having it delivered. Today at lunch I was wandering around Church street and took a peak at the veggie books in Borders. I found Matthew Kenney’s new one and purchased it as well. I haven’t bought a raw book in a while so I guess I felt like treating myself today :-)

    Bryan, if I like your first book I’ll get your second one. I like the idea of easy recipes with less nuts!

  • Thanks rawbryan, rawepicurean.net rawks!

  • Ok I will chill but you all need to chill too!

  • Ok I was going to add some new recipes and photos but my camera broke I have to get it fixed…it was the same camera I have been using for 3 years, my sister gave it to me for Christmas 3 years ago I used it for all my photos on my book and website now it broke…it is the best camera all the new ones are not as good but I have to get it fixed, ok look if you all chill I will all chill deal? Man…try to share some fun raw things and everyone jumps on ya!

  • Hey Bryan! I really liked the interview that you linked! You said alot of good stuff! (:

    Do you know if I can buy your books in Europe, in a book shop?! (I.e England or France!?) Your recipes look brill, and I’ve been wanting to get your book for a while, but I only rarely buy things off the internet!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • RawBryan: Whatever camera you have you can probably replace on ebay. They might even have one new in box! Make sure you check the sellers feedback and return policy esp.when buying electronics and get insurance! Good luck

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