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Hi I am Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au! I have been eating, living and promoting RAW for 12+ years, I practiced 10+ years of Yoga and it lead me to the RAW lifestyle naturally. For me I thought Yoga was my path and way of bringing more health and harmony to the World, after my spiritual world travels I encountered raw foodists and lifestyle 10 years ago on Paradise Island, The Bahamas while I was volunteering as a Vegetarian Chef at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat there. It totally RAWCKED and changed my life forever and for the better. I then wrote RAW IN TEN MINUTES raw organic recipe book, I self published it and hoped people would like my recipes, they LOVED IT and it was so popular that I even opened my own Raw Organic Cuisine Restaurant in San Francisco, but then I sold it and moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles and found a huge RAW Community here in LA, Santa Monica and other areas.

I recently just completed my all new 5 STAR RAW SPA CUISINE with CHEF BRYAN AU all new raw recipe book with many recipes that has no-nuts, none have dates, no dehydrating in any recipe and are now 2 to 5 minute raw organic recipes for “Bacon and Eggs”, Donuts, Cupcakes, Ramen Noodles, “Teriyaki Rice”, Chocolate Fig Torte with no nuts/dates/dehydrating and many more surprises and recipes! All the above and instructional DVDs are available on my website:


I am also trying to educate and create more awareness in the RAW Community about the benefits of Ceramic Knives, and the Blendtec Blender. You can also download my RAW “Cooking” TV SHOW which will air nationwide in USA in Nov or Dec but you can download the full 28 Minute TV VERSION FOR FREE and watch it on your computer in Quicktime I teach 4 of my raw recipes from my book RAW IN TEN MINUTES there are 90+ recipes in the 1st Edition you can download here:


Some new things about me is I am about to complete a Dehydrating raw recipe book with more totally new raw recipes, full color photos and it is with the new Good4U Dehydrator which is a very pretty design, great price, quiet motor, performance I really like everything about it. I am also writing my Autobiography but it will also be a HOW-TO book since so many people ask me how I got into RAW and how did I do everything myself to be a successful RAW Chef. I did my own website, marketing, pr, press, media, walked the Red Carpet in Hollywood found a photographer who eventually invested in my RAW TV SHOW infomercial, what websites I used that really worked and helped A LOT, who helped me and why, how to self publish your own raw recipe book for free or using a self publisher with fees, I reveal ALL MY “SECRETS” and anyone can use my really great advice/tips/secrets to succeed in ANY industry or job.

So it is a new Autobiography full of spirituality, romance, world travel, exotic locations, spiritual realizations, humor, but also a few new raw recipes of course, and a innovative HOW-TO section that is very detailed in how to successfully self publish your own raw recipe book or book of any kind, also how to market yourself correctly to success, my “success” speaks for itself in that I have my own series of books, instructional DVDs, and now national TV SHOW that will air on TV so if people follow my advice they should be able to RAWCK too but it will be a very revealing and entertaining new book in a few months! I also talk about what it took to open my RAW restaurant, the reality and fantasy aspects of owning and running your own RAW restaurant, menu creation, how to invent new raw recipes, and much more I REVEAL IT ALL! :D

~ Some shocking facts and truths: I only had $10 when I wrote RAW IN TEN MINUTES! I had to become successful and make something of myself, I had traveled and volunteered as a Vegetarian Cooked Chef for years and I learned a lot about love, life, the world, spirit and then RAW…I write how it totally changed my life and what I experienced… ~ A Hollywood Photographer actually was interested in RAW and after I walked the Red Carpet Events in Hollywood trying to promote myself and my book I met the best new friend, she even makes RAW foods now and sells them in stores! We both helped each other and learned so much…a true “Hollywood Story” one that I did not expect and proves that you never know who you will meet or how people can improve your life so you always have to be ready…I can teach you and show you how or what I did… ~ Many more secrets will be revealed! And what I think the future of RAW will become…

Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au http://wwww.RawInTen.com

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