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my recipes and forum comments are gone

dodododo Raw Newbie

hi ray

my recipes and forum comments are no longer with my profile, will they be coming back as its virtually impossible to track down the topics i was engaged in etc, dont have the time to trawl through thousands of forum topics to find them :(


  • My recipe favorites are gone as well!

  • ours too!!! i had to open new account!what is up?

  • I just discovered my recipes and favorites, they are under the track tab when you go to your account

  • In order to login you need to change your password at least once. Daniefon, thanks for that!

  • Although I really like the new layout, I also really liked the old feature where you could choose what equipment you had and than it only shows those recipes. Is that feature still here and I just don't see it. Please help.

  • Sorry about that... they're all still in there, maybe not 100% because we had a world of difficulty moving them all over. But we were able to move 95% or more of the information over, and whatever you're not yet seeing, will be working in the next week or so.

    Just depends how much time we can free up in our evenings and weekends to work on it!!!

  • I looked up my old member name, and the favorite recipes are there for public viewing. So I just added all the old favorites to my new recipe box.

  • You shouldn't need to get a new account - just use the "reset password" link to get a new password to your existing account. And, if you have trouble after that, just let us know!

  • My recipes are gone, too, and when I try to find recipes by user, there are none listed.

  • greenie, I am still seeing your recipes (see this one, for example).


    We're still working on getting these all to show up correctly on your profile page again, but they are there!

  • All but 5 of my Favorite Recipes are gone from my list, too.

    Long before I'd discovered how to add favorite recipes, I'd created a folder of weblinks to my favorites - now none of those links work at all. They simply take me to the main recipes page.


  • When searching for a recipe, if you do an advanced search, you can select what equipment you want included within your search criteria! Snazzy!

  • I sure do miss the old site, but we'll just have to be patient as sometimes a change does work for the best. I could have sworn I had more recipes in my box. Hopefully, I'll find them later.

  • What I found on my profile is that the recipes that I posted as well as the ones in my recipe box are on the last pages when you click the track button on my profile page. They were grouped together too.

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    just to clarify...your recipe box is on your profile page...when you are logged in, go to your profile page and click the blue word 'recipe' under my favorites to view your entire saved recipes:)only five recipes are visible unless you click the word:)

    any forum or recipe you ever commented on, or created, will show up if you click the track button on your profile....the list will update if you or anyone else makes a comment on that recipe or topic..i don't know if there is a 'view all' feature like we used to have that just lists our comments on the forums:)

  • I lost my favorites recipes too. Only a few ones showed up. Too many were lost and it's too bad:-(

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi hanna750..you have 13 pages of saved recipes!...when you are logged in, go to your profile page and click the blue word 'recipe' under my favorites:)

  • You rock! So helpful!

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