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  • This is going to sound weird, but I notice when losing weight, my stomach sticks out for a while as the flab around the mid section takes longer to disappear. So if might be a case of sticking with it, as the fat around the mid section might just be thicker. Sorry to talk about your age, but sometimes it is a factor that we all must take into consideration. What is in your green smoothies?

  • Apology, I didn't read properly, that you said it was not about flab. So it sounds like your smoothie content needs looking at. - you might be having a reaction to something.

  • HI Raindrops, our postings have crossed. I suggest you look at the sugar content of your smoothie as the green to fruit ratio seems high. Why not try dropping off some of the sweeter fruits and stick with the berries for a few days and notice the reaction? Berries have a low sugar content. Not suggesting you have a candida problem, but I guess we need to start the process of elimination.

  • Ok, thank you! The idea of candida crossed my mind. It makes alot of sense, and does what I have sound like symptoms of candida? Also how would I go about doing a candida cleanse?

  • Think you and I have alot in common Raindrops. Birth control pill apparently has alot to answer for in terms of multiple allergies. I was unaware of this until I met a homeopath and she explained the link to immunity - especially if you have been on it for a while. If you are wheat and diary sensitive, I'm sure you will be sugar sensitive too - it is my largest battle on raw - to do raw without going over the top on sweet stuff.

  • Go low GI. Stick with veggies, sprouts, nuts and berries. Not great, but keep a record and notice what happens. Loads of stuff on the web about anti candida diets, but not much about raw, so you need to work with trial and error. Good luck!

  • thank you RawKaren for your help! I will try that - starting tomorrow I might not have a green smoothie, just to see if I notice a difference.

  • Try a combo of cucumber or fennel juice plus spinach, plus berries. The colour will be weird but at least you will get your greens. Zip it up with ginger or limes/lemon. This is a low GI smoothie and the cucumber is great for your skin.

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    I know you said it's not bloating but it really sounds like gas to me. I had stomachs after going raw that looked huge like I was pregnant. They would last a couple days and it was gas. That kind of gas was different though then the kind that you get and you just fart alot, ha ha. It was like my belly was firm and rounded out. I think around that time I started trying colonics and it was after my second one that my stomach and belly were flat for the first time that I could remember. I was around 26 at the time and I had a history with birth control before that. I did colonics on and off for 2 years and I really think it helped me. The therapists always said I had lots of gas come out even when my stomach wasn't sticking out. Gas is weird and a very normal thing to get as you go to raw food.

  • have you ever youtubed daniel vitalis?

    he recommends blending milk thistle seeds into a smoothie for a swollen liver.

    i wonder if the same applies for a swollen stomach.

    i look for milk thistle seeds at my local natural store and i was surprised they carried them!!

  • Hi, a friend of mine is exactly the same. Skinny and fit but with a pregnant belly. and 95 percent raw.

    She loved almonds/ice creams/cakes and chocolates that she made herself, so a high sugar intake.

  • i have the same belly problem, man :/ i hear birth control pills can make you bloated? i dont really have the best advise, but if you get a cup of water and spit in it first thing in the morning before eating or drinking, and within the first half hour your spit sinks rather than just disintegrate, you have candida. my sister has it and she said that's the most basic test.

  • hmmm sounds interesting, I hope that works I am going to try that tomorrow. Thanx

  • oh my gosh I have the SAME exact problem as you! I'm 5'7" and about 128-130lbs and pretty fit these days, also on birth control and my body hates wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and sugar. I was almost 100% raw all summer, moved home with my parents (I was 22, 23 now) and stopped doing raw bc they were buying all my food, I was out of a job for 3 months. Now I'm back on my own and probably 70% raw, but the last couple weeks my stomach has been ginormous. I have been eating a little more (the stress of moving all the way back across country, starting a new job, being an adult, and breaking up w. bf of 3 years = not eating enough for a month or so). But I have been having this huge stomach, however I've also had really bad gas. I need to cut out the peanut butter, my stomach doesn't like such a concentrated source of fat like that. I'm considering doing some kind of cleansing tea thing starting friday (have to go out to dinner tomorrow) because nothing else is really helping! I know that I need to lose the coffee habit I've picked up, and drink more water. I'm going to try that candida test in the AM too.

  • sv3sv3

    I too have a similar issue. I am really skinny all over (pretty fit as I do lots of running) but lately I've developed a right pot belly! I am high raw, on the pill and although I have a bit of stomach flab, I have started to wonder if it's internal gas. On an average day, I have green smoothies for b'fast, salad for lunch and a cooked vegan meal for dinner. I have to admit I am not great at alternating greens/fruit and I'm wondering if this has contributed in some way. Berries can be really expensive in the UK, so it's not easy to include lots in smoothies at the moment.

  • altitude, I agree it sounds so similar to my issue - what do we doooo? haha I want to find some sort of magic cleanse or something that will help!

  • I get this too and the only way it goes away is if I eat a low fat high raw diet... Bummer.

  • Okay, I'm just gonna say it. :) I think what you might all (hint, hint) be fighting is just another part of being a woman. We were made in such a way that we do have a protective layer of fat around our reproductive organs. And I think this becomes more noticeable to each of us WHEN we are pretty fit otherwise as this would be one of the very last places our body would allow us to loose fat from IN CASE we were to become pregnant.

    Perhaps some individuals are dealing with digestive issues but for the most part I think this is something us older chicks have grown to accept. God has just designed us with this built in protection to keep the species going. Not so long ago it was a huge struggle to survive. BTW the perfect flat tummies in the magazines have most definitely been airbrushed off their rightful owners to help make you feel like there's something wrong w/ you. Love yourselves as you are today...perfect.

  • I can relate. I saw what birth control pills did to my sister's health so never went there, but I've struggled with candida for years. When I first changed from SAD I was very thin and my belly got big. It was awful. I think it was mostly due to detox and a good cleanse helped tremendously. I used Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse but there are several good cleanses out there. I had to give up all fruit except Granny Smith apples, cranberries and lemons for a long time (they're low glycemic). Loading up on probiotics is also very important. I've had to avoid most fats and anything high in sugar. 4 months after eating 80% raw and taking MMS I was able to start adding some fruit but I still have to be careful about the quantity. Just remember that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, so this may be a good sign for you. Hang in there:)

  • OOOHHHH, dude - I totally forgot to mention parasites! Here's a post about a parasite cleanse that one raw fooder found very effective:


    She says the following: "Parasites can cause of a wide range of health issues from the mild uncomfortable to the severe: constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle aches, anemia, allergies, skin conditions, nervousness, sleep disturbances, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue, and abdominal pain."

    I took birth control pills for years, and I must say that since october when i stopped, I feel MUCH better - mentally i feel more stable, emotionally level, happier. I'm not sure I see any physical difference yet, but i might still need to detox for a while.

  • Wow, I completely forgot about parasites too. I remember reading somewhere that anyone who has candida probably has parasites also as they both thrive in the same environment. If you do a parasite cleanse you should know if you've got them or not, it can get pretty disgusting. LOL

  • I didn't do a full parasite cleanse - but for 2 weeks i drank this every day: 30 drops of black walnut, 1/4 cup blended hot peppers and water 2x a day. I plan to do the same thing again soon. Ideally i'd smoothie fast while doing it, but i'm not so good at fasting :) So I just ate my normal food, but tried to reduce the amt of sugars during this cleanse, and drink plenty of water, and get a colonic.

  • Do you get enough protein in your diet? A distended stomach has been linked to severe protein deficiencies....you see it a lot with anorexics. It's probably just gas or something, but if you have the ability to have it checked out by a doc, please do so. Take care!

  • I have it too!!!! I thought it might be something to do with the amount of flying I have done in the past week (round the world and up and down!!) because you bloat in the air. I got back yesterday and despite glugging down 8L of water during the flight I still look pregnant. The pill link is interesting... I quit the pill in December and haven't had a period since.

  • Probably candida. I would check out 811, it's helped me lots.

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