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  • Anyone?

  • haha I know I feel the same - I'm assuming someone on this board shares the same affliction?!

  • Check this thread. It's about 30 replies long, and has responses from Queenfluff, who, along with others, is very knowledgeable when it comes to hair.

    Here's another thread posted (and well monitored) by Queenfluff. It's quite lengthy (600 replies), but contains a lot of excellent information.

  • What has happened to Queenfluff? Have I missed something? Did she get home? (Up North East?) She is the best for beauty questions.

  • My only thoughts without reading the attached threads above are hormone levels (too much androgen), and not enough of your good omega fats...

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    I would seriously recommend you look into Morrocco Method products. They have changed my hair and my boyfriends too. Since we completely switched over our hair has become thicker and wavier. I think alot of hair thinning problems come from modern shampoo which is affecting your scalp and your hair growth. With Morrocco Method you also brush your hair daily and this is also of great benefit. I don't think that you can just eat your way to beautiful hair. Eating raw food is most important but then you have to have a good hair and scalp routine that aids in bringing circulation to your scalp and detoxifying it.

    We eat all raw foods and hair very healthy hair. Look at their website and I would first just look into trying their 5 elements shampoos and rotating them.

  • I was losing my hair when I went raw. Came out in small clumps. I am eating some cooked foods now and it has stopped. I also found out I am vitamin D deficient. But I started with a few cooked foods and got a hair cut (it was too long and too heavy) and it stopped before I got treatment for the vitamin D. Oh, and I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner every other day (can't do the no poo!). Maybe the no poo people can help? - it has to be healthier.

  • Ah yeah, don't use sulfates! I was losing mass hair when I used commercial shampoo. That's why women have thinning hair, they put these stripping chemicals in their hair.

    I use ghassoul. It's a mud. It's annoying to use, but I use it anyway. It comes in powder here in France. Then I rinse with vinegar and water (VERY diluted!).

    Or, you can go to www.chagrinvalleysoapandcraft.com , they have natural shampoo bars, they are awesome. NO chemicals, nothing. I use those when I have them and wash every three days.

    I have been shedding lots less since I stopped using regular shampoo. But me neither, I cannot do full fledged no poo.

    Sulfates have cousins that have other names, but are bad too. Basically, if it sounds chemical and it is in the ingredient list, don't put it in your hair.

  • I have the same probelm as you. Since being in Germany, showering in hard calcium water and eating lots of raw food my hair was falling out in clumps. I have stopped washing so much as I thought it was the hard water. I have stopped loosing as much hair now but it's still very thin. So my suggestion is what follows.....

    I know this may sound repulsive and I know I have mentioned it in other threads too but do a google search on Urine Therapy and hair. It's reported that the hair grows back naturally thicker and fuller with new roots showing. I have currently not tried it internally as I am on medication but after getting used to the idea from reading all the positives, I am considering trying it once medication free.

    Good luck. I look forward to the updates.

  • I hear you! I've had this problem since I learned about my adoption 7 years ago (I was in my mid 20s). I can't say it's only stress related, because I also became vegetarian after that... then vegan... then tried raw. Now, I'm a mix.

    Anyway, I found that eating no (cooked fat) and taking a tablespoon of flax oil helped. I also found green smoothies helped (must be the mineral content). I've also started washing my hair every 2 days... and only using shampoo once or twice a week. A nutrition coach (recently) told me... I needed broccoli, cabbage, lentils... and another (recently) told me... you're lacking B vitamins. These people said this after mentioning my thinning hair! They do not know a single thing about me... and they're right! I know for a fact I lack B vitamins and I my body can't digest broccoli, cabbage, lentiles easily so I avoid them!

    Hmmm, I really need to pay more attention to my diet. I eat healthy... but I don't know that I'm getting what my body needs... I think I need a cleanse! ...because apparently, I'm not digesting cabbage or lentils very well. (I'll eat lentils cooked... but maybe I should sprout some.) I haven't been able to sprout, germinte, or dehydrate... because it can get pretty difficult to sell and show a home with these "strange" things all over the counters taking up so much space (I have a kitchen that's too small for my raw food equipment).

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    Could this be problems with digestion? It may be that you are not absorbing all the nutrients that you need out of your food. I personally feel that juicing is very important for this reason because while your body is healing you need straight up liquid nourishment that is super easy to digest and that would be fresh vegetable juice. Have any of you tried making your own juice daily for a period of time say 2-4 weeks to see if it helps? I would highly recommend you at least try it and see what happens. My boyfriend and I try to drink at least a quart of homemade juice per day per person and when we do this consistently we really have the healthiest looking hair, skin and nails.

    I also love green smoothies and green soups and try to also have one of these every day. By eating these kinds of raw food not only are you getting easy to digest food but you are also getting water rich raw food. I think this is important because alot of people coming off cooked food are still eating some cooked food(which has very little fresh water) or are eating alot of heavy raw foods that are also lacking water (like nuts, dehydrated foods, chocolate, etc). This is a no good situation for your body.

    Alot of nutritionists are trained in a way that does not vibe with raw food nutrition. They might try comparing you to all the data which is on cooked food people, they have no raw food only data.

    Hair loss is also associated with heavy metal toxicity. I would recommend doing a juice fast for 3, 5 then 7 days. Then longer if you can. It sounds like your body needs to do some real healing. juice fasting is the very best way to go if you have not fasted previously. I would not recommend the master cleanse in this situation.

    I did the Arise and Shine 1 month cleanse with great results. You can go to there website and check it out.

    Good luck to you in your search!!

  • I also started suffering from hair loss, which prompted me to get my iron, B12, and D levels checked and was deficient in all three!!! Prior to this I was eating only raw during the week and some cooked foods on the weekends, started everyday with a huge green smoothie with a variety of greens, used superfoods, did monthly liver cleanses/colonics, used a shower filter...thought I was doing everything right.

    I decided to incorporate brown rice and legumes back into my diet along with an occasional egg and my hair stopped falling out in only one week! I seriously went from losing enough hair to make a toupee every morning to approx. 6-10 hairs (50-100 is normal). For my B12 deficiency I am taking this product: http://www.oasisadvancedwellness.com/products/max-stress-vitamin-b.html?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=gbase&utm_term=max stress b nano-plex

    Also, I learned that kale and nuts, which I was consuming large quantities of, are high in oxalic acid which is a chemical that can reduce iron absorption. This could have been part of my problem.

    I am not trying to discredit the raw diet, because this diet is doing wonderful things for so many people, I just would say listen to your body and do what feels right for you. For me it is high raw with grains, legumes and steamed vegetables.

    Germin8-Good news!!! You can sprout red lentils very easily because they are thinner than other varieties and because they are a legume, you can keep them in a closet through the whole process because they don't need sun. Just soak them for 8 hrs and then allow them to sprout overnight and they should be done.

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    Before I did the Arise and Shine Cleanse I read Richard Anderson's book Cleanse and Purify Thyself and decided that I wanted to do his cleanse. There are other cleanses out there that are similar. Reading his book was of great assistance to me and I highly recommend it. I had such great results on that particular cleanse because I looked for a month in my schedule that I had the least commitments and then I just decided not to socialize at all that month. So basically I spent a lot of time at home, slept as much as I needed to and took away all temptations and possible negative environments. That being said here is the jist of the program:

    You take herbs and drink clay and fiber shakes throughout the day. These are helping your body to cleanse and also pulling old waste material out of you colon. Then each week you decrease your food intake and up the herbs/clay shakes.

    week 1= 3 meals per day

    week 2= 2 meals per day

    week 3 = 1 meal per day

    week 4 = juice fast

    He says specifically that you only eat raw foods during the cleanse and salt is completely off limits!! that is very important because I did a minnie version the following year and cheated a bit on the salt and did not get as good results.

    Also you should drink as much juice as you want/can during the 4 weeks.

    I had a transformation doing this cleanse and felt like a different person afterwards. it is a commitment though and a bit of an investment. I am actually thinking about doing it again this year.

    As far as juicing recipes, start with something basic like:

    1 apple

    1 lemon

    1 bunch celery

    some kale

    ginger if you want

    Then from there you can invent juices. I love adding cucumber or daikon radish to the above mix. Also I rotate greens like collards, kale, beet tops, radish tops, dandelion greens.

    I also sometimes juice carrots and beets but less often then the above.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • leahceleste - I believe you are right about the whole digestion issue! As for the heavy metal toxicity, I'm not sure about. However, I have since recovered from 'hair loss' issues... in that they are quite mild. And, I have had a "deep cleanse" a few years back. I'm not sure if that contributed to it... but my hair did grow 1 inch during that 10 day cleanse. Anyway, I still agree that a cleanse would be beneficial along with juicing or green smoothies.

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