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  • I had my gall bladder removed in 1981. I found eating fats (also spicey stuff) in just about any form including olive oil causes me problems with digestion. Eating closer to the 811 seems to help alot with bloating and gas. Before raw I found kefir to be the best help in settling the symptoms. Kefir would fall into the probiotic category. Unfortunately it is not raw but I think there are some raw recipes for kefir type items in this website. Hope this helps some.

  • Hello the_hissing_of_...

    Some probiotics are made from human bowel waste!! Is that gross or what. But thankfully there are many cultured veg ones and even coconut kefir products you can use. You can check this one out http://www.earthincommon.com/cocobiotic-probiotic-liquid-p-136.html

    I bought Kefir starter from Body Ecology but later noticed the box says..."may contain trace amounts of dairy" so wasn't thrilled about that but it is what it is. I made some from young thai coconuts...it wasn't very tasty to me. Guess its an acquired taste LOL the cocobiotic stuff is made from green coconuts maybe it tastes better??

    There's also a company called Attune that makes various chocolate and granola Probiotic Wellness Bars...I'm looking into those bad boys. I'm not 100% raw so if you are dunno if these suggestions are helpful to you.



  • I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for 8+ years, even tho i was a vegetarian eating very little dairy. Once I went very very high raw (think 95+%) my problems mostly went away. Now i limit nuts and chocolate when my stomach is feeling bloated, till it returns to normal. Also, colon hydrotherapy helps a lot.

  • PamPam

    There are vegan probiotics and digestive enzymes. Ask at your healh food store.

  • Barefootandfrolicking you are not alone regarding the symptoms that you indicate. After gallbladder surgery around 15% of people reported this kind of gallbladder problems. Some of them can be alleviated through proper eating habits and some of them can not be alleviated at all. It may be hard to accept this thought but from what I have seen, that is the case with some people.

    Though, it would be interesting to post new results and to tell us how you feel now. ( in the case in which you followed a close to 100% raw regime )

  • I think Primal Defense is the most powerful probiotic out there. It is not vegan but it is definitely not made from human bowel waste! It's the miracle pill for me. None of the other ones do anything for me. It was created by a guy who had such bad crohn's disease that his colon was going to be taken out. he invented primal defense and problems solved.

    If you really want to stay vegan, the same brand (garden of life) also makes a digestive system, called O-Zyme, which I am pretty sure is vegan. Mega-zyme is also really powerful but I don't think it is vegan.

    You sound like a lot of enzymes would help you a lot. These days, probiotics and enzymes can really help out.

  • ive heard that once your gallbladder is removed that it is super tough for your body to handle any fats, so 811 may be a really great thing for you to try.

    I love vitamineral green for a superfood/ probiotics. I take enzymedica brand digestive enzymes, they work well for me (former IBS sufferer here)

    green smoothies might help too (they helped me so so much when i was trying to heal my IBS)

  • i second 811

  • OK, this is a little gross but might be helpful. I have lupus and had major gas and bloating lately and thought it was just a return of the IBD symptoms that I haven't had for years thanks to major change in diet, avoiding my allergens, successful treatment of candida, and countless supplements. It turns out that somehow I was exposed to parasites and developed a new problem. You might want to see about getting a GI panel done. I have more info on my blog about the parasites (and no I'm not selling anything :) I just try to describe what has been working for me and hope it helps someone else).


  • rinrin

    Winona & wichten I would love to hear more about what you eat, what kinds of eating you've tried and what works for your IBS! I have IBS myself & am looking for something to make it go away.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    digestive bitters are the best thing to use rather than substituting with digestive enzymes, bitters stimulate the release of stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, bile secretion and cleanse the liver.

    but im not sure if they can be used if you dont have a gallbladder.


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