Is anyone else getting the following error message?

Database error: user 98330 not found in {subscriptions_user} table!

Does anyone know what it means?


  • Yeap. It's a "glitch" that appeared when they did the upgrades late last year. It doesn't seem to interfere with anything we try to do. Posts still go through, etc. Shortly after the upgrades several people reported the mysterious messages. There was a brief exchange between Ray and someone about the content of the message, so I would imagine it's on his list of things to work on in due time.

  • Thanks emtpdmom! It's nice to have someone finally answer me on this site! i thought maybe i was invisible on here :)

  • Hi readingatwork! Youre not invisible. New threads wont start rotating till they get one reply so I think once in awhile they may not be seen. :( Most likely I just dont have a good answer. Now get back to work! lol JK!

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