after all this time...

I've been creating websites now since 1992. I've done all kinds. Mostly projects of mine and friends. I've been the webmaster of 2 sites now for quite a while. and

well, due to recent developments... 2 paying clients!!! I decided recently to get a bit more formal about this "hobby" of mine.

Wednesday morning I opened...

my new Web Design & Hosting Company!!!

It's called Manhead Web and you can see it's beginnings here...

The reason my prices are so low is that I plan to discriminate and only do certain sites. I will do nothing but Alternative Health & Spiritual websites and sites for good friends who have other (ethical only) companies. There's no reason to charge 1000's to create a website even from scratch, even with shopping carts! I hate to see good people with good causes over pay for this kind of thing.

If you go to the "View Existing Sites" link. (the only link) you can see what's going so far.

I am most excited about the new Raw Food site I am doing for Lisa Simpson & RawLiberty. I just launched the menu system demo for it yesterday. Check it out, it's the forth one on the sites page.

Everything is so much easier now that I am my own hosting company. I am very happy.

Just wanted to share...



ps: I also plan to do a bit of pro-bono hosting... shhhh. good causes, art, music, etc.


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