hello all!

stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

hi, i’m robyn, new to the raw food scene. i’ve only begun my raw food journey this week, so far so good, i’m already feeling better. i have two questions, okay maybe 3… 1. what is the best way to ween off coffee, this is my weak point, i can’t stand to drink it black, and this is the only time i use a dairy product ( can’t use soy or rice milk becaue i’ve got type 1 diabetes and it jacks my glucose levels up) 2. what is the best thing to do when you get headaches and dizzy spells.-i’m hoping its just my body detoxing, and that it will pass. 3. is it okay to use vinegars-is it concidered raw? i know apple cider vinegar is good, but what about basalmic and red wine vinegars?

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