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DreaDrea Raw Master

O.K. so here is the deal...I've been raw for some time now, I had a period of backsliding(lol)..but I'm back and here is my issue.

There are only a few recipes (non desert) that I like..poemmom's loaded pizza, wild spinach and mushroom quiche, and the tuna wrap (all from this site), but there are a bunch of desert recipes that I love! The problem I am having is when it's time for hearty non sweet food my selection is limited, I dont really care for the Zucchini pasta", "cauliflower rice" based dishes. If you guys can suggest some of your favorite "lunch and dinner" meals that would be great, because eating sweet stuff all the time is whats making it hard for me to stay on.

P.S. Also, can someone suggest some past and rice alternatives? I tried kelp noodles (I really dont like them). But please any dish that you enjoy as a staple would help me alot...Thanks


  • I feel your pain. It seems pretty hard to find real raw entrees. I know in Ani Phyos book is a burger I have been wanting to make for a while. The savory meals seem to be pretty time consumin, and it seems to help to have dehydrator. As for myself, I have a tendency to be very generous with onions and especially garlic in my salads, that gives me the feel of a savory meal. It works for green salads but also for example for the type of salad I had tonight: fennel thinly sliced and orange wedges on a dressing of lime juice, some water, pureed hempseed, GARLIC, pepper, and salt. You can add some raisins if you like the salty sweet contrast.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    If you get a spiralizer you can make squash spaghetti with marinara sauce

  • I like sushi (mung sprouts, avocado, matchsticked carrots & cucumber in nori) and "kung pao" broccoli with mushrooms. Those are my 2 favorite savory raw meals.

    Here's the recipe for kung pao broccoli:

    2 heads broccoli

    8oz mushrooms

    1 medium onion (I leave it out because I hate onions)

    sesame seeds to sprinkle on top (optional)


    3 TBSP olive oil

    3 TBSP balsamic vinegar or Ume plum vinegar

    3 TBSP honey

    1 tsp minced garlic

    1 tsp paprika

    1/2 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp pepper

    red pepper flakes to taste (or cayenne if you don't have red pepper flakes)

    whisk together the marinade ingredients. marinate broccoli, mushrooms & onion overnight in fridge, dehydrate for 1/2 an hour or until warm, sprinkle w/sesame seeds & serve.

    I always eat the whole batch because it's so darn good, but you could probably divide it into 2-3 meals. :)

  • Oh yeah, I also love Raw Dawg Rory's BBQ Portabello Burgers (google for recipe), Eggplant "tofu" steaks (eggpla,nt marinated in Bragg's or Nama Shoyu with salt & pepper, dehydrated for 2-4 hours) "Smoked" mushrroms & eggplant, "Cheeze-it" crackers (these are so delicious and taste like real cheese!) Gnocchi w/marinara, muesli...

    If you want any of these recipes just let me know. :)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Here's my Salty Salt-Free Salsa. It's super savory from all the tomatoes and celery, but there's no added salt!


    -24 ounces cherry or grape tomatoes ( I LOVE the Nature Sweet cherubs!)

    -16 ounces of celery (5-6 stalks)

    -8 ounces red bell pepper (1 pepper)

    -4 ounces sweet apple (Gala or Fuji, 1/2 apple)

    -1 handful cilantro

    -1 English cucumber, sliced diagonally*


    1. Cut

  • absolutely the burgers and the raw nori rolls both from Ani Phyo, but there are some great burger recipes on this site. There's always a burger going here--atop a salad, or the same recipe can be made wetter and spread thin to dehydrate as crackers.

  • This is a really great thread!

    I like the burgers in Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen - I made them a lot smaller than she called for.

    I also like her garden burger - in the same book... and the carrot pate

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie


    What kinds of things do you eat when you're not raw that you miss? Maybe we can figure out some raw versions...

    Here are some things that help me:

    I usually keep 1-2 raw pates or seed cheeses in the fridge. Sushi rolls with veggies and some of the pate/cheese is a nice quick meal. It's also simple to put on plain veggies like cucumbers, tomatos, celery; or on crackers.

    I don't care for mushrooms, but they can provide a more substantial chewy texture in burgers and other dishes. Especially if you marinate and dehydrate them a bit. The flavor gets more intense and the texture gets more substantial.

    I've made a full Mexican meal for non-vegetarian friends that they said rivaled the best restaurant meals. They didn't miss the meat. Here's what I remember of that:

    Tortillas - very easy to make in your dehydrater - process corn with a little salt, a little ground flax seed, and a little lime juice in your Cuisinart until it's a batter, spread and dehydrate. Take these out when they're still pliable and use them as the base in burritos; or dehydrate until they're crisp for chips. I've made these without the flax and they've turned out ok. And I often use them as tortillas and wrap them around salad and pate for a quick meal.

    Sour cream - Make a thick nut cream out of cashews, water, a little salt, a little lemon juice. Mix it with some nutritional yeast and hang it in cheesecloth overnight to make it more of a sour cream/cream cheese consistency. You can also leave it out a little longer to make it more solid and use as a spread on crackers or veggies.

    Salsa - your favorite salsa recipe

    Guacamole - ditto

    Grated veggies, sprouts, lettuce, green and red peppers, tomatos -- all the stuff that normally goes in tacos or burritos.

    'Meat' or 'bean' filling: Use soaked and dehydrated walnuts and/or mushrooms, make a marinade olive oil, lemon juice, and any other seasonings you like (I like garlic, onions, Nama Shoyu, jalapenos, basil). If you have time to marinate, great, but it's not necessary. Just mush them all together with the seasonings and bung them in the dehydrator. You can also mix in some finely chopped veggies like cauliflower, zucchini, green or red peppers.

    Don't forget raw soups - almost any veggie with some nuts or nut milk can be a good base for a stick-to-your-ribs soup. Add curry powder, herbs or any seasoning you like and whiz it all in your high speed blender. Put in the dehydrator for a half hour or hour and have a nice warm soup. Eat it with crackers and cheese, a burger, you've got a meal.

    Sometimes I just don't want to do the salad thing but I know I need my greens. So I'll do a green smoothie to get in those greens and then feel free to eat more of the nuts, crackers, fruits, and other foods I feel like.

    I've also fallen off the raw wagon recently, so this is a good reminder to me that it's possible to eat really satisfying substantial meals and snacks and stay healthy.

    Hope this helps.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    Thanks for all the great responses! poleidopy..I copied your kung poa brocolli recipe, I'm going to try that for sure! I woud love it if you sent the recipes for "cheeze-its",Gnocchi w/marinara. I also copied swayze's salsa recipe, Thanks!

    have_mersey, the moo shu looked really good,but I didnt see really how the wrap was made, how do you make the wraps?

    I see allot of you like Ani Phyo's Raw burgers, does anyone have a recipe for it? Thanks greenie, your suggestions should help allot! When im not raw, I love pasta and rice base dishes like (alfredo, lasagna, spaghetti, rice with salsa, rice with mushroom sauce etc) but I'm not found of "zucchini noodles" or "Cauliflower rice" or kelp noodles. Does anyone have a good "pasta or un-starch" base for sauces? Also, a bread recipe thats not incredible heavy, most of the one's i've tried are so heavy i couldnt have 2 slices with stuff in the middle because the bread was overkill. Also, back in my meat days, I use to love tuna salad with crackers for dipping, is there any really good cracker recipes and "savory stick to your rib "dips" out there? I have all the raw kitchen tools,(spirooli, dehydrator etc.)

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie


    I'll research the rice/pasta bit. I know what you mean.

    About the bread, I often substitute a collard or romain leaf for bread in sandwiches or wraps. And also, I think that the onion bread on this site is relatively light.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    They used young coconut meat blended and dehydrated. I do not. I put it in a collard, cabbage, romaine etc. leaf or just eat it plain. Young coconuts are rare and expensive where I live- which would be fine once in a while, if I could find them... While in Georgia last Autumn, I noticed some pre-made young-coconut tortilla/wrap things, which I thought was really cool. I don't remember the brand (anyone know)??

  • These are SOOO much better than real cheese crackers. I eat tons of them and still lose weight. Try them and you'll be making them to keep on hand every day!

    1/2 red bell pepper

    1/4 cup water

    1 cup cashews, soaked 2 hours

    1 TBSP tahini

    2 TBSP nutritional yeast

    1 1/2 tsp salt

    2 tsp onion powder

    1 clove garlic (1/2 tsp minced)

    2 TBSP lemon juice

    optional: diced jalapeno

    Blend all in food processor or blender until there are no more chunks. Spread thinly on dehydrator sheets and dehydrate until crispy. Store in ziplock bags in the fridge. Enjoy!

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    The caponata recipe on here is one of my stables. It goes well in mushrooms or with a salad. Have you tried other veggies to make "rice" with? I make it with parsnip too for a change.

    Stir not frys are good too especially if you dehydrate them for an hour or so when it becomes just like a cooked stir fry.

    Ill add another vote for Ani Phyo's burgers (from memory it is chopped celery, carrot, onion, ground flax and ground sunflower seeds, herbs, garlic and water) in fact her book full stop. Have you tried making cauli into "mashed potatoes" with cashews at all?

    Im in a sort of similar stiuation with you with my other half - he likes all the sweet raw recipes I make but doesn't like many of the savory ones (actually he doesn't like cooked veg either so its a real problem!)

    Keep trying different things and you will soon find lots of things you enjoy.



    1 c almond flour

    1/4 TBSP lemon juice

    garlic powder (to taste)

    onion powder (to taste)

    1/4 tsp salt


    1/2 ripe tomato

    1 sundried tomato

    1 soaked date

    1/4 clove garlic

    Italian spices (to taste)

    dash salt

    dash pepper

    Form gnocchi dough into balls, indent lightly with fork. Blend marinara ingredients in food processor or blender. Serve at room temp or dehydrate for a few minutes until warm.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i struggle with the same things. i don't really care for zucchini pasta or raw marinara. i do like kelp (though didn't at first, I gave it another try) noodles. i use pesto instead of marinara. i really don't care for raw soups at all. i've tried! just not working for me.

    i just find playing around with salads and making different flavors is pretty fun. i like sprouts in there. sometimes i make sandwiches with raw breads or crackers. recently i have made raw sauerkraut and i really like that. i also like a lot of the burger recipes mentioned.

  • i noticed nutritional yeast... is that something different then regular yeast??? i thought yeast wasn't good for you?

    p.s. i'm so glad you asked this question...i've had the same one!

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    Thanks for all the support on this issue! I've been messing around with different recipes and I found a tuna recipe on this site that is really good, I'm going to try to couple that up with poleidopy's cheeze-its. Does anyone no a really good starch type replacement for zucchini noodles/cauliflower rice?

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    I really needed to follow up on poleidopy's cheeze-its! WOW!!! These are the best I have ever tasted period..raw or other wise. My whole meat eating SAD house ate these down to the crumbs! Now, I have to make a whole dehydrator full of them just to satisfy the house....Thanks a bunch!!!

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