What Vegan protein powder is your favorite?

I am trying to get a protein powder with a good amount of fiber and protein for my smoothies. The one i think i will probably get is the VEGA Whole Meal Replacement Vanilla Chai. It has about 25g of protein and 15g of fiber! Does anyone else have one they like or do you like the VEGA powder??

Thank you!


  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i use hemp protein

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Is it raw???

  • No its about 80% raw, but i am not really worried about that aspect.

  • I also use VEGA. I really like it. Just be aware that to get a full serving it's two HUGE scoops. It can get quite expensive apprx. $43 for a 7 day supply! But I continue to use it because I really enjoy the smoothie and the great nutrition it provides. I also think Brendan Brazier (the founder) ROCKS!

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    i dont like Vega cuz of the stevia in it..

    but i've tried SunWorrier protien powder. expensive but good.

    oh yeah i've also gotten one for Whole Foods that has raw foods in it. thats my fav but i dont remembe the name

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I add brazil nut protein powder to stuff. It has a good flavor, but if you use too much it gets gritty. I order it from Naturalzing.com.

  • I like sun warrior protein, it's good and has a good amount of protein. You can get it a sunfood.com




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