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seedless watermelon

Hey everyone!!!Is it better to eat the watermelon with the seeds or seedless. I cant find watermelon with seeds, they are all seedless, and none are organic.

I heard that seedless watermelons arent naturel if they have no seeds.



  • nsns

    Most people say that seedless fruits are hybrids - not genetically modified. However, I came across an article which claims that seedless watermelons are GM.


  • This is confusing. Interesting article, ns. I thought that food that was certified organic wasn't allowed to be genetically modified. However, I have found myself confused as well when I saw organic watermelons that were seedless at my local Health Food Store. What is up with that? How do they get away with it? Hmmm......


  • I remember when I started raw I ate a watermelon a day and I wondered about it too. I looked it up and multiple sources told me that "good" watermelon (where if I had the choice there'd be no doubt "good" is what I'd have) are those with seeds....you know...it might've been David Wolfe's book the Sunfood Diet...I'm gonna go read up on that again.

    I know what you're going through though. After peaches, there is NOTHING better than a huge bowl of sweet watermelon and in the winter they drop in size, quality, and goodness and cost $15 whereas twice that size they were $3. Baffles me but....living off the little ones for $3 now. Sorry there aren't any "good" ones yet. Soon! June! :) I'm so excited!!!

  • teacupteacup Raw Newbie

    seedless things weird me out. watermelon, grapes, ect. It just seems unnatural, and I refrain.

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    Watermelons are not genetically modified. GM food cant be organic. Its just hybridized, just like 90% of the fruit you eat.

  • I can never find an orgnaic watermelon around here with seeds, unless I try going to the market mabey they will have them when it gets hotter out. Ive found seedless navel organic oranges. I cant eat oranges anymore even though I love them so much:/ I get this really bad allergic reaction when I eat them. Is seedless fruit bad for our health?

  • kuritekurite Raw Newbie

    I would cite a website on this issue however its highly debatable and nobody really knows. My own personal theory on it is if you can get fruit with seeds than do simply because its more natural.

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