Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I got really sick recently with severe liver failure (am still sick, seeing a specialist soon) and even though I eat mostly healthy (I hate sweet, sugar is gross to me but I love quinoa, sprouts, lentils, etc) I decided it was time to at least go partially raw to give my liver a little bit of a break with it's chores. I made a broccoli and cauliflower soup today that was just lovely. I am also currently dehydrating eggplant bacon and am contemplating what I can shove in the leftover two dehydrator shelves.

I'm a little sad because I own 16 chickens and 2 ducks - mostly for egg purposes. Other than raw egg in my smoothies for a protein hit, which I already do, I'm not entirely sure what to do with 6-8 eggs a day when I go raw.

It probably won't be a permanant thing, but I'd like the experiences and knowledge of the raw diet so that I can consider it in my usual day-to-day meal preparation. So for now, I'm trying to eat as much raw as I can. I already eat plain fruit and veg and keep frozen bananas for ice cream. I haven't made any other raw desserts but I just bought cacao powder and nibs to make a cake tonight. I hope since I don't really like sugar - this will be able to hit the sweet spot without making me feel sick and gross!

Nice to meet all of you! Sorry I type a lot. ;)


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  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    This is a raw vegan forum - no eggs, no milk, no meat.

    If you want to include them it is fine, it is YOUR CHOICE!!!

    If you have dogs/cats , you could feed them the eggs.

    (raw or cooked) but if they haven't had raw eggs i would introduce it to them slowly and lower their regular food intake.

    Easier meal preparations would be from fruit!!!

    You won't be getting high protein, and your body doesn't need the high protein. It is harder to digest and harder on the liver.

    EZ Meals (depending on your caloric needs)

    ** based on a 2000 cal diet

    ** These are all about 600 cals/ meal

    - 2 lbs grapes

    - 4-5 mangos

    - 6 bananas

    - 1/2 a watermelon

    good luck!!!

  • Hi Elizabeth


    I am sure you will find that a raw food diet will help your health problems

    and it is very enjoyable

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Sounds like you are off to a great start! I started the raw diet to help with my lupus, and it really has! I have lots of energy now, and *knock on wood* have been doing really well for the past 7 months. Last June (2009) I dabbled a bit and fell off the wagon, but by January I decided to go raw vegan full time and haven't looked back. I still have cooked vegan once in a blue moon when I'm networking at work or something along those lines, but that's once every few months. I can usually get away with water and lemon and chat away. It's really nice to have my energy back and be able to function at work and then have energy to do some fun stuff after work. There are a lot of easy, fast recipes. I had lots of food allergies so I had to prepare my meals anyways, and this has been a time saver. Not waiting for something to cook is such a plus :)

    I hope you find the support you need here.


    Oh, and a P.S. about feeding the dogs eggs - my dogs have always done well with raw food in general but don't always like the egg texture, so I had to hide it in other stuff.


  • Oh my Lola loves raw eggs. If I give her a whole one she even eats the shell! She's a staffordshire - so she eats anything. Pumpkins, sugar... wood. Plastic. I've had to make all her bowls metal just so she won't eat them!

    I am incredibly active and protein would be a big deal to me. Before I got sick, I was in fitness competitions and trying to lower my BF% so I could compete in the bigger events, which is why I ingest raw eggs regularly (not currently).

    I was told it wouldn't be best to start raw now though, because the roughage is bad on my liver at this moment (I'm not digesting food properly) but I already eat super super healthy and love the idea behind raw food. Basically, I don't think I'd eat 100% raw vegan BUT I want the experiences in that area of cuisine so that when a food choice comes before me, I can accurately and knowingly make the right one. I feel eating raw for awhile will not only 'bring me back to basics' but make it so in the future I make more healthy food choices (not that I already don't, but I would actively make more raw choices).

    Now the big question is - how do I replace my coffee??! I have a double espresso every morning after my lemon water - pick me up. I've seen raw coffee recipes but they just taste like frappuccinos it looks like - no caffeine. I have -espressos-, not double mocha frozen mocchiatos or anything - so I just like the caffeine, lol!!

    I'm excited to start eating a more varied and complex diet (funny, complex is going back to the basics these days in the world, where packaging and preservatives are abundant and fruit is a rarity) and hopefully getting my body to start co-operating with me again.

    Thank you guys!!! I hope my non-veganness doesn't turn people off. P: I love vegans! I just can't eat a whole one. (how OLD is THAT joke?)

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    It's actually really easy to get the protein requirement without the eggs, and my husband is turning more vegan because it's easier to get easily absorbed calories into him. He has developed food intolerance/allergies so the quick wheat based carboloading he relied on as a competitive athlete (long distance running) are no longer an option. Animal proteins are a really complex string of amino acids and harder for the body to break down, and fruits and veggies are really simple strings and generally easier to process. There are a lot of athletes that are turning raw vegan because it is really easy to keep a low BF% while retaining muscle mass (if you work at it). My husband is noticing more and more - you may want to check out Brendan Brazier's books. He's a professional tri-athlete and is primarily raw vegan (he still eats some cooked).

    I know raw vegan goes against conventional medical advice. My doctor was stunned I thrive on this diet because of all of my digestive issues - most people think food cooked to oblivion is the easiest to process. It seems like the more processed the food, the more your body regards it as foreign - at least in my case. I'm not a big fan of one diet fits all, so making a slow transfer is a good thing in my book.

    Coffee replacement? I gave that stuff up a long time ago because my stomach is so sensitive. I replaced that addiction with kombucha ;) I don't have any good tips for replacing the taste, but would encourage you to find ways to phase it out.

    Bucha Belly
  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I'm quite sure some of us are as active or more active than you. You can do it. :)

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    I would give up coffee the same way people quit everything else.

    In order to quit alcohol, i had to make a list of the reasons why, and read it over if i got a craving. And then it comes down to willpower, and i was drinking a lot of tea and bringing it with me everywhere. Then after a few weeks i stopped drinking the tea (didn't want it anymore) , and now i just drink mostly water.

    So one choice might be replacing the coffee with some tea, and trying different types.

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