No Period?

Hello, I recently went raw about 6 months ago. About three months ago my period was late, so a week after my missed period I took a home pregnancy test and it came back negetive. I ended up taking a total of 7 pregnancy tests and they all came back negative and I always used morning urine. I got my period eventually (two weeks late), and since then I haven't gotten my period.

My diet consists of mostly fruit, and i drink only water. I eat a salad of leafy greens for most dinners.

So anyways, I was wondering if anyone could help me understand why I haven't gotten my period, and if this is normal or not.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    This is a worrying trend in woman who are raw, there have been multiple threads on here with users getting no period. Have a search via the search box at the top will bring up a few past threads that should help you.

    I think it boils down to lack of nutrients, one that you are missing is likely iodine if your not taking in sea vegetables/seaweeds or supplementing. Has your doctor done any tests to check for anemia/iron etc?


  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Whilst it is important to have greens and fruit in the diet one also needs a little fat - some vitamins need fat to be synthesised by the body- and the nervous system needs fat- there is fat sheath covering the nerve ganglia. Also one needs a little protein in the form of seeds, beans and nuts- they have good amino acids, calcium and B vitamins. Fruit and greens alone do not provide all the nutrients the body needs on their own.

  • Thank you for your advice! I do believe it does have something to do with lack of certain nutrients. I've been eating organic baked fish lately, so maybe that will help me somewhat. I do not eat any other meat, but I am not vegan. Also, maybe adding coconut or more raw nuts such as almonds could help me.

    I currently do not have a doctor, that is why I was hoping to get some good advice on here.

    I will give the search box a go and see what other information I can find. Thank you very much for the reply!

  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    There are a few things to look into before you begin to worry-

    1. Are you getting enough calories? Take into account the calories you burn on a daily basis.

    2. Are you getting essential vitamins? Add seaweed to your diet and plenty of greens.

    3. Are you exercising? This can effect your period regardless of the nutrients or calories.

    I personally do NOT think periods are normal or healthy. Read this article and decide for yourself. If anyone disagrees, please tell me why you think its acceptable for a woman to bleed? (and please don't argue that its because Eve ate an apple. That theory is NOT based on scientific evidence)

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    It is normal for a woman to bleed every month. I'm not talking about very heavy flows in conditions like endometriosis, but women stop bleeding when they are malnourished. Underweight and anoxeric women being an example. I'm 42 and have light flows every month. I've read that link before and I'm not convinced- using women in developing countries and traditional societies is not the ideal model- many of them struggle to get enough food. I've studied anthropology/archaeology at university and the Masai people are constantly struggling to find enough food and talk about food and hunger a lot.

    Even in Europe up til the 1940s people struggled to get enough amounts and variety of foods in the winter months. And even in the 1970s here in Britain there wasn't much fresh fruit and vegetables in the grocer's like there is today- I remember going to the shops with my mother and there would be a few carrots, potatoes, maybe some apples, swedes, onions. Now, there is much more being imported from abroad.

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