I just survived my first green smoothie!

Hurray! I have been making fruit smoothies for a while now, but thought I would retch downing a blender full of greens. My first smoothie was kale, papaya, mango, and a banana. It was actually quite good and filling. I did it in my regular blender, which was a bonus!


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Well done, green smoothies are such as good source of nutrition that there worth the taste. Best idea is to rotate the greens in my opinion. I tend to use the dark lettuces mainly such as romaine and other non-goitrogen containing vegetables, as i had thyroid problems in the past.

    Although i can counter that by taking more iodine on the days im consuming raw goitrogen vegetables, cooking/steaming inactivates them.


  • That is good advice powerlifer, thank you so much for bringing this up. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago with two small goiter nodules. I am not being treated now as I don't have any thyroid problems -they put me on some meds in the beginning, but took me off - and the ultra sound I had in April didn't show any enlargement, nor did my recent PET scan last month show any activity. I am excited to report that the PET did show that my cancer tumors are dormant and I am in remission - yippie! Didn't you know that made me a happy girl! But it did show that I have a fatty liver. One up, one down and hopefully not another down..

    I am overdue for my Endro appointment and I'll be bringing the raw food question up. Double DRATS if I cannot eat all those yummy goitrogen veggies! I think I probably still would do them steamed as I love them too much! I was reading that I could probably get away with eating them raw four times a week. I hope my doctor knows enough about it to confirm that. I was glad that my oncologist is on board with my decision to go raw. I hate having to fight with them about stupid stuff. He just wanted to me to make sure that I pay close attention to keeping my nutrients balanced as he had seen others who did not, which created more havoc.

    Yet another reason I am glad I found this site and another thing to consider instead of blindly charging on.

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