Hi All

Hi All,

I'm new, just starting... I have been on meds for High Blood Pressure and High Colesterol for 3 years and recently my Dr. told me that since my BP is still high I should double up on the Benicar HCT and take it 2x's a day.... Yeah the meds don't and won't cure anything... So I'm on and I want to live....! I'm doing a green smoothie each day, also exercising each day. Now I'm excited about incorporating more raw foods and taking it day by day... I feel better already, and it's just the beginning...

God bless you for creating a plce where I can come and learn how to live healthy


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Welcome to the forums:), Healthy diet and exercise combined can help high blood pressure in alot of cases.

    There are also many supplements such as magnesium citrate that can help by relaxing the blood vessels and acting as a natural calcium channel blocker. Supplementing on meds you'd have to ask your doctor of course.


  • Hi...!

    Yes, I've heard a little bit about magnesium citrate , I'm reading and researching more about it..... But I'm just more and more concerned that Dr's seem to be working on the side of big pharma.. I'm looking to get healthy, not just exist....

    thank you again, for your help :)

  • Hi Papa! This is a great place to get started. I have found a lot of good info here as well as a lot of tasty recipes! Good luck on your journey. I started mine in November and am still transitioning, as I wanted to use up my cooked food, but I keep experimenting with the raw recipes! I think at the end of the month I should be on my way. I've committed to do it until August. I've am already reaping the benefits just from the changes in my diet and have higher energy, my blood pressure has dropped, and have lost 10 lbs.

    I went to my first raw potluck this last weekend and joined with others. I can be helpful especially if you are the only raw foodie you know like me. Try a google search to see if there is a raw meet up in your area.

  • Hi Briarpatch,

    Thanks !!! your message was very inspiring.... Yes I'm going thru and cleaning out the pantry, taking small steps and very happy about getting healthy.. I'm learning so much about RAW foods, it's refreshing and still new to me. I'm also learning that the SAD will keep Dr's in business pushing meds to manage hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes... No more SAD for me..

    Hope to chat more soon

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Hi Papa,

    Sounds as though you are off to a great start with green smoothies every morning.

    I agree about the medical system. Sometimes medication is necessary, but other times medication is simply prescribed because it's the easiest fix. Changing the way we eat is hard, but so worth it!

    I love your enthusiasm. Keep it up and keep us posted!

    Laura-Jane the Rawtarian

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