Need a Recipe From Everyday Raw...

I accidentally left my "Everyday Raw" book by Matthew Kenney at work and I need a recipe from it... If anyone has this book and can let me know the recipe for one of smoothies I would be forever grateful - I bought all the stuff to make it this weekend and, honestly, I don't want to wait until Monday! LOL :) It's in the front of book and the pic on the right hand side of the page shows several drinks but in the middle is a tall beige looking drink with cocoa nibs on top. The drink itself (forgot the name) has coconut meat, mint, almond milk I think, cocoa powder, etc. It looks sooooo good!


  • TheBajanTheBajan Raw Newbie

    1/2 c young coconut meat

    1/4 c agave

    1/2 vanilla bean, scraped

    1/4 c cacao nibs or cacao powder

    2 c almond milk

    10 fresh mint leaves

    Blend all in Vita-Mix and enjoy!

  • YOU are my hero! Thank you so much!!

  • I just made this drink and it is phenomenal. I'm going to post the version of the recipe I made (with pic!) shortly. Thanks again!

  • TheBajanTheBajan Raw Newbie

    your welcome. Everyday Raw is one of my favorites. I saw your post of your version and it looks great :)

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