Very low energy. Detox??

Hey all :)

I went raw 6 days ago, and about 2 days into it I just became SO sluggish and tired. I get very spacey now, and feel almost like I've been smoking something (which btw is something I haven't done in over ten years). I keep trying to tell myself that it's detox, but I try and listen to my body and find it somewhat difficult to believe that this will benefit me in the end. I had a recent surge of energy a few months before I started raw, and I definately miss it!! Especially to keep up with my 8 month old! I was a pesca-lacto-vegetarian, and then halfway through my pregnancy I started eating chicken again. And then went straight to about 85% raw. I have an app on my phone to plug in all my nutrition intake info, and I'm getting enough of everything.

So, is it really detox? Opinions and advice are more than welcome!


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Since it has only been 6 days, there's a good chance your fatigue is just withdrawal. If it continues without improvement, scrutinize your diet. Are you eating enough? Are you relying too much on fatty foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, and oils?

    Hope that helps,


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