I'm starting a Sugar diet

The sugar, btw, is coming from fruits and veggies.:)

Bananas will be my main provider of calories. I'll eat other fruits, dried or otherwise, as long as my budget allows. My main problem is having enough money to sustain this diet but I'm going to give it my all.

I'll try to eat a salad a day probably consisting of, but not limited to, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, carrots and cabbage. I'll eat this salad together with 1 boiled green plantain or 1 boiled root vegetable of some kind or 1 cup or less of boiled rice, or something of that sort. I find some very little cooked stuff helps me with taste. I'll also lightly sprinkle raw nuts or seeds like sunflower, flax or brazil on my salad.

I'll workout 3-4 times a week lifting weights, mostly doing the basics. I have no interest in getting BIG and probably wouldn't be able to achieve it on this diet. I want to be ripped and healthy. I'll jog a little if time allows. I work, so if I can get 3 days/wk of exercise in I'll be satisfied.

I'm not 100% raw(whatever that means) as you can see from my salad.

I'm not 80/10/10 as per Doug Graham because that lifestyle encompasses many other things. My diet percentages will be 811 on most days though.

I'm not Natural Hygiene because I'll eat some stuff that aren't recommended.

I'm not 30BaD though I have no problems with their style.

I am, however, influenced by Dr.Doug, Durianrider and Natural Hygiene.

I'll post what I eat as often as possible for about three months. After that my interest in posting usually wanes. I'll still be on the lifestyle though...hopefully. :)

I'm male, 6', 180lbs, 27% body fat if I can believe this old scale. I don't look fat though. I hardly have a belly. Maybe it's time to get a new scale. Or just throw it away and don't look at them anymore. I'm 48yrs, 49 in march.

Thanks for reading!


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Sounds like a plan, Ultrasaurus (awesome name)! To help with cost, buy in bulk whenever you can. I know Whole Foods offers a 10% discount on cases and other grocers offer discounts as well. Warehouse stores like Costco are great as well.



  • Swayze, Thanks for the compliment and the great buying tips. I shall start buying by the case when I can. You have a nice website. I subscribed to your ezine.

    I ate 25 bananas, 1 cup of raisins, 5 big tangerines and a salad today. I did 45 mins of weightlifting. So far so good.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    No problem, thanks for subscribing! :)



  • Today I ate:

    Oranges: 492g- 226.3 calories

    Tangerines: 642g- 335 "

    Apples: 470g- 244.4 "

    Grapes: 1700g- 1139 "

    Bananas: 300g- 267 "

    Medjool Dates: 283g- 783.9 "

    Brazil nut: 3g- 19.7 "

    Total cals: 3015 @ 93%Carbs, 3% Pro, 4% Fat

    values taken from cronometer.

    I did 30 mins of weightlifting.

    I didn't get enough bananas to eat today because, even though I have a lot at home, they're not fully ripe. I probably will have a constant supply of ripe nanas from Sunday or so. I didn't eat any salad today.

    I'm feeling great and am very confident so far. Let's see how long it lasts. :)

  • Today I ate bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, grapes, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, celery, carrots, cucumbers, a brazil nut, and a cup of boiled rice. About 2800 calories. 30 mins weightlifting.

    I think I've settled in nicely so far on, this, my 500th time on raw :).

    I have a few cravings from time to time but I don't let myself get too hungry. At the first pang of hunger I start to eat. And I make sure I always have food around. That's the single most important rule I keep. Cravings disappear when I fill my stomach with fruits.

    It's been 8 days now and I am starting to get the raw glow. I'm sticking with the plan and the results are trickling in.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I completely agree. Having enough food around (more than enough in the beginning) is a must. More importantly, the fruit needs to be ripe. Several fruits, like bananas, mangoes, and peaches, are often unripe when bought from the store and must be given a few days to ripen up.



  • Exactly Swayze! I think too that it's extremely important for fruits to be ripe before eating them. Now that it's winter, it takes about 4-5 days for fruits here to ripen. And I definitely keep more than enough in stock :).

    Swayze, do you own rawfoodexplained.com now? I went there a couple of days ago and it looked like you're running things. I used to go there all the time when I first went raw in 2006. That site was a treasure trove of information on NH. I stopped going when their raw foods philosophy changed, it seemed, and they started selling honey and other stuff. Now it looks like the site is back to its NH roots.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Yep, I took over rawfoodexplained last year. Haven't changed any of the content. It's all still T.C. Fry's articles from his Life Science course. I also referred to it a lot when I first went raw so when I was approached for ownership, I just couldn't say no. :)



  • That's great! Wish you the best of luck!

  • I had a slight glitch in plans yesterday, but nevertheless a glitch. I went out last night(Fri 13th no less) and since I've been having detox symptoms in the form of an intermittent runny nose I decided to slow it down so I can enjoy the night, by cooking and eating rice, spinach and okra. It worked and I had a great time. Now, it's Sat morning and I am prepared to resume my raw journey. I may have jumped off the wagon for a little while but I held on and walked beside it biding my opportunity to jump back on. ?

    So, for yesterday, I ate 18 bananas, 1 cup of raw rice, 2 packs of frozen spinach and 2 packs of frozen okra. The last 3 items were cooked...but you knew that already, didn't you? :)

  • I haven't been craving greens for a few days now so I hardly ate any. I'm not worried about getting greens in every day. Whenever the feelings return I'll start eating them again.

    Yesterday I had 1825 gr of bananas, 298 gr dates, 150 gr blueberries, and 400 gr of tangerines. Cals=2747 in the ratio of 94c/4p/3f.

    I have a nice raw glow, my abs are starting to show and I feel great. Raw is the law!

    ...for me at least.

  • Wow! I like what you said about the "raw glow"! Good for you and keep it up. Do you incorporate green smoothies in your diet?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Awesome, congrats on the weight loss and "getting the glow". :)



  • Thanks, mrshumes and swayze! Yeah,The glow is a good thing to have. I get quite a few stares from people too :).

    I have learnt over the years though,that the glow can be fleeting. If I go back to eating cooked foods, even LFV, the glow disappears within a week or two. So, the challenge is to maintain this gain. I guess the price of health is eternal vigilance.

    mrshumes, I do green smoothies once in a while. It a good thing but I think I'm too lazy to do it regularly. lol

    Yesterday I ate:

    Bananas 2413g

    Oranges 716g

    Grapes 244g

    Pomegranate seeds 60g

    Celery 105g

    Tomatoes 102g

    Cukes, peeled 106g

    Romaine Lettuce 297g

    Rice, white cooked 1cup

    my macros are Cals 3030 with carbs 91%, Pro 5%, Fats 4%.

    I also did 11/2 hrs of weightlifting.

    Other random thoughts-

    The time that is displayed on my posts is wrong. It is slow by 2 hrs. If it says 6am, I actually posted at 8am.

    Djokovic just won the Aussie open. I supported him. Nadal played like a champion though. Good game allround.

    The weather is unseasonably warmish. I hope to jog for 30-45mins today.

    Yesterday, the oil heater stopped working and I found that the fuel filter was thoroughly clogged with goop. So I went out and searched several stores for another one. I finally got one at Ace Hardware. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the smell of oil off me so I had to keep apologizing to people all the time. :) You should see the store clerks showing me which aisle had the filters and quickly getting away. lol.

    take care guys! all the best!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    "I guess the price of health is eternal vigilance."

    It gets much easier, I promise you. Staying raw is a thousand times easier than going raw. People tend to think that my lifestyle is so tough, that I constantly have to stay motivated to stay raw.

    Actually, my life is very laid back and simple. I never have to think about staying raw and I'm never tempted by other foods (primarily because I eat enough and get all the nutrients I need). Eating a meal of bananas or a green smoothie is as normal as brushing my teeth. :)

    "Djokovic just won the Aussie open. I supported him. Nadal played like a champion though."

    I was for Nadal and thought he really had it until those last few games. Actually, I was for Roger until he got booted out by Rafa in the semifinals! ;(



  • Swayze,

    you are so encouraging! I like what you said about staying raw rather than going raw. Once you get into a raw habit it is a no brainer and your taste buds and body crave raw. I just like how you put it so simply.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Thanks, mrshumes! You're right, it really is a no-brainer. And it doesn't take as long as most people think to get used to simpler foods and even start to crave them. For most people, they'll start to see a difference in just a few days.



  • yeah, swayze's got this raw thing down pat! :) woot woot!!

    I don't get cravings like before, and if I eat a meal or two, or three of cooked food I can go back to raw easily. I don't go careening down the cooked food highway like before. A couple of years ago I would have had to stay on cooked for about 3 weeks or so before eventually pulling myself back to raw.

    Federer was going good until he met up with Nadal. :) My concern is the USA. There doesn't seem to be anyone who could seriously compete for a title or hold the no. 1 spot for any length of time. I hope they do something about this quickly.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Agreed. I think part of it has to do with conditioning or a lack of it. Another part has to do with coaching. My tennis instructor complains all the time about how the juniors here are just fed balls all day and then expected to perform and be strategic in their matches. It just doesn't work like that.



  • "My tennis instructor complains all the time about how the juniors here are just fed balls all day and then expected to perform and be strategic in their matches. It just doesn't work like that."


  • I GOT A RING i got a ring WE GOT A RING we got a ring......Sing until you pass out. lol

    actually I didn't get a ring but my boys the NY Giants got one..each. GO Giants!!

    I am not that big of a fan really :). I watch sporadically during the regular season, but during the playoffs the fever heats up and I get excited like other fans.

    Yesterday I ate mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, tomatoes, cukes. Everything's good so far but I do get some cravings from time to time. They go away when I eat, though. I'll have to give some more attention to getting all my nutrients since cronometer tells me I'm getting about 65-70% on most and lower on some. That should help a little with cravings.

    I'm going on vacation to St Croix USVI on Saturday for a week and I face a bit of a situation. I'll have to do a juice feast on Friday and probably part of thursday because I stopped buying the fruits I normally eat so I won't have leftovers when I leave. Then when I get there I most probably won't have ripe bananas to eat and I'm not sure what I'm going to eat until I do have some. I know I can eat other fruits but they are not especially filling for me like bananas. Anyway, I'm sure things will work out somehow. I do plan to eat as many different fruits as possible and drink as much coconut water as I can. I doubt I'll keep my fats under 10% :)

    best to everyone!

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