Almonds good or bad?

I soaked almonds in warm water and salt for 48 hrs. There was this white foam that appeared on top with a weird smell. After rinsing once done soaking the almonds had a weird taste..... I feel like saying an acidity taste. I have them in dehydrator but I am not sure if they are good or safe to eat?? Never happened to me before Can anyone give me some feedback please


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Maybe they went bad. Rotten almonds can be pretty acidic. 

  • bettykleebettyklee Raw Jr. Leader

    If I don't like the smell of something I'd never try to consume it. Also even when it's safe to eat but has a bad taste, I don't think you have to eat it...

  • XfimpgXfimpg Raw Newbie

    Maybe they weren't organic, so pesticide/insecticide residue?

  • AmberLarsonAmberLarson Raw Newbie

    Hello, Melissa. It hasn't happened with me before, though, I buy almonds every week. Sometimes, if I feel some strange smell of them, I just prepare an almond butter, using my food processor. Then I am not afraid to eating them it at all. Maybe, you should try it too. 

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