cracking joints

Hi guys, hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. lots of sunshine the past few days up in ontario canada.

I wanted to ask, i've gone vegetarian a few times now and i've always gone back to eating at least fish because i start noticing my joints cracking. at first it's the odd time but it gets to be fairly consistent. I had been raw since the beginning of january this year but the joint issue was excuse enough to break down. i don't want to be hurting my body.

i was wondering if anyone else had been through anything similar? maybe it's my body adjusting and after a few more months this would taper off? i've been taking spirulina and chlorella tablets. (thank you Aubbie) Eating plenty of fats (blood test came back high in healthy fats and in a healthy range for everything else).

my step mother tried to go vegetarian ten years ago or so and had the same issue, she was encouraged by a nutritionist type of person to go back and eat meat. am i possibly someone who doesn't suit a vegetarian diet? my blood type is A and according to the blood type diet i should be fine. But maybe i'm not.

i would appreciate any support, thoughts. thank you!! have a great day, always love reading everyone's posts.

- amanda


  • Well why hasn't someone commented? I have the same issue too! I NEVER pop my knuckles or anything but I do now ever since I transitioned to RAW. Someone, respond to this! :-)

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I have been raw since January 2008 and I am blood type A, but I have not had this problem at all. I wish I could give you the easy answer, but I am not sure. I would just think of what you are missing in meat and fish when you go raw and get it from raw sources. When I went raw, I made sure I was getting my B12 and that I was eating nuts and avocados for good oils. I notice a big difference in the dryness in my skin if I back off the nuts and avocados for awhile especially in Calgary's dry winter climate. I am also a big advocate of green smoothies which seem to me to be a must in the daily raw diet. They provide you with so many nutrients that are easy to digest! I hope that helps in some small way!

  • I'm B neg and did not have any problems like that.

  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader

    I'm finding I have similar problems. Anyone been through this lately? 

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