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Herbal Tea?

Hi everyone,

I can’t figure out if herbal tea is considered “okay” on a raw foods lifestyle. My two boys call it “gerbil tea” ‘cause they can’t stand the taste of my beloved licorice and maca (caffeine-free) tea. I picture dipping a little wriggling critter in my cup, face down, holding him by his long tail, his whiskers twitching as they hit the hot water. Ick. Almost makes me want to cut the stuff out completely.

I used to drink a ton of black tea, oh how I miss my Earl Grey, but I gave it up a couple of months ago to cut caffeine from my diet.

If I search the various raw websites, I find conflicting information.

So – tea? Yay? Or No Way, Man!

Thanks for any thoughts, advice, and input. :)




  • I recently went from coffee, to organic decaf, to none! I drink green tea now.

    I think you’ll hear conflicting advice, so if you enjoy it, why not? It’s just tea, after all.

    BTW, funny visual with the rodent!

  • tdgtdg Raw Newbie

    I still enjoy by herbal tea. Sometimes I make it in a suntea jar and sometimes with just warm water. I gave up my coffee. I am just not ready to give up my tea – and may never be. I love a good warm cup of tea.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    it’s not 100% raw of course, but it’s the least of your worries. it’s good to quit things slowly. and if you are missing caffeine then you definitely don’t want to eliminate the innocuous herbal tea.

    i find that i prefer not drinking herbal tea as part of my raw diet now, but i’ve been transitioning for a while and it’s not cold out anymore. it’s more of an ambience thing… sitting on my couch and reading a book with a mug of something hot.

    i vote: not such a big deal.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    oh, you might want to change the name to “infusion” and then it won’t have a tail. ;)

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    If you like it, drink it. So many teas have such good health benifits. Frankly if you’re eating raw to live healthier and longer, you want to enjoy that extra time, not use it making yourself sad looking at stuff you like and want. It’s dried herbs. It’s not aspertame or gm cornsyrup. The real question is can you figure out if herbal tea is considered “okay” in YOUR raw lifestyle. And I’m with your boys with regards to the licorice maca blend. I’d rather dip my gerbil in warm water and drink it. (It’s OK, he’s 100% raw, both personally and in diet! Plus he’s been known to enjoy a bath now and then. ROFL)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I still drink tea once in a while. usually I do up a home made ginger lemon tea. Some herbs you have to steep to bring out the medicinal propertie of them!

    ENJOY your tea! (licorice, shudder! hey to each their own!!:)

  • QTLaylaQTLayla Raw Newbie

    Hi All Okay, this is what I have found out. If you want to be 100% raw then you need teas that are NOT processed above 115-118 degrees. I called Yogi Teas and they told me that all the ingredients of their teas are dried without heat. Yay! I add water to my cup, with a cappucino thermometer, adjusting to 115-118 degrees. I then add my tea bag and steep with the thermometer in place for the time suggested on the tea. I then add a bit more hot water from my kettle to bring it back up to temp. I add my raw nutmilk and raw sweeteners and add a bit more hot water to bring it up to temp. Then drink it… ahh! very satisfying!

    BTW, I also called Celestial Seasonings and they told me some of their ingredients are definitely heated. They did say that if it was one of their teas with herbs only then they do not heat them.

    Any feedback on this is appreciated as I am only 2 months at raw food. Anyone else call any companies? I would love to know which others might be acceptable on a 100% raw diet.

    Namaste QT

  • Hi I Am New Here

  • sunnyjsunnyj Raw Newbie

    Hello I am also using Organic Indian Green tea instead Normal tea or coffee. Green make me fit and burn extra fat.   

  • I also made the experience that green tea has way more impact on me than coffee ever had

  • Herbal tea is extracted from herbs. It is great in treating cold. It also helps in clearing nasal passage, reduce cough and relieve symptoms of asthma. THese are rich source of anti oxidants so they are very effective in anti aging.  It also releives digestive problems. So it is really beneficial and everyone must try it!

  • giuliagiulia Raw Newbie

    I also changed from coffee to herbal tea and I feel way better since this moment. 

    This year I also started to plant some herbs in my garden, I moved and have a garden now  :D, and I'm so looking forward to harvest the herbs and try them and use them for tea!

  • juddyjuddy Raw Newbie

    oh, you might want to change the name to “infusion” and then it won’t have a tail. ;)

     good idea :)

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