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Southern raw foodists

Im from stockton,alabama and i want to hear from other southerners that have gone raw. Nothing against any of the rest of you good peope, i just dont know any vegetarians or vegans much less raw foodists down here. Another reason im interested is b/c mississippi and alabama are 1&3 on the obestiy rankings in the u.s. Im not going to be apart of this majority and want to hear from people that are taking steps of fighting obesity, etc also.


  • Hiya! I grew up in Louisiana, and just moved to Colorado one year ago. I was a vegetarian for a while. I’m not 100% raw, but I am trying. I just keep continuing to add more & more fresh fruit and veggies every day. And I keep reading websites and books that motivate me. Believe me, I know it’s really hard to leave those delicious, yet bad foods behind.

  • Yea it is hard especially when family doesn’t take you serious about your diet and try tempting you all the time. Im not 100% raw either. Im working on it though one day at a time.

  • WeazelchefWeazelchef Raw Newbie

    My grandparents are in Mississippi and my cousin lives in Alabama. They are def. not raw!

  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie

    Most of my family lives in Virginia, not too Deep South geographically, but definitely so when it comes to food. I now live in So Cal, where Raw is pretty well supported, but going home can be tough. The 1st restaurant we went to on my last trip home had NOTHING raw—not even salad! Plenty of mac & cheese, cooked greens with pork, etc. I try not to go out to eat much when I’m there. If I do, I pick the place and make sure there are suitable veggie/salad options. Also for potluck/family affairs, I’d bring the salad and make sure it was a decadent one.

    Most of my family doesn’t know I’m back to Raw (or that I ever did it). Those who do kid me about it while they’re slamming down baloney burgers. Thus the family traditions of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Perhaps my good health will prompt them to seek information, perhaps they’ll even ask me for ideas.

  • I am in Tampa Florida. There are quite a few Raw Foodist here in Tampa/ St.Pete area. Nice to meet everyone. Kim

  • Hello! I’m in Georgia and this is only my 3rd day trying raw foods but I’m enjoying it so far :) I’m nervous about going home from college though, since my mom loves to make me things like bacon, biscuits, chicken and dumplings, etc… when I come home! Well nice to meet some southerners :)

  • I asked a chef at our local veg food emporium if she new of any raw foodist’s in the area and she replied, “What are raw foodists?” I live in Michigan where vegetarians are mostly internationals, so raw food networks are nonexsistant. This Thanksgiving will be dificult because I will be spending it with my very traditional southern Arkansas family. I plan on making a lot of energy bars to snack on while there. I will need a good clease when I get back. I do hope to relocate when I finish my BSA somewhere I can find support of my mission toward optimal nutrition.

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