Integrating Raw And Cooked

deer4deer4 Raw Newbie

I like raw. I prefer it. I need it as well. After years of health problems, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and given a preliminary diagnosis of MS. Basically, I dont have enough lesions for a definite diagnosis. So we keep an eye on the lesions. So, in short, when I eat raw I feel better. My blood sugar stabilizes, my headaches and muscle spasms happen less often. 

So, my family likes cooked food. I am having trouble sticking to the raw diet, not only do I crave salt and sweet,  but my family wants cooked food. Combining the two is a lot of work and time. How do I incorporate the two? I need to do this. For my health. For my family. 



  • annetteannette Raw Newbie

    Hey Deer4, if you don't have your health and energy to do things you will have to energy in the longrun to take care of your family. Sit them done and tell them how you feel and make compromises for both parties.

    Life is short and you need to enjoy it while you are still alive not sickly in bed with no energy or in pain constantly. 

    I was in your situation was raw for 5 years then my mum stopped taking her meds for depression and had to convince her to eat but to no avail. she needed to eat, she was wasting away and so i started eating cooked to show her it was not poisoned so she can eat.

    long story short, she went back to taking her meds and didn't want to seek help to help her withdraw from her drugs. i Needed to go back to my raw food it made me feel less depressed so i left her to live far from her and less tempted to the cooked foods

    Its been 5 months fully raw and i feel awesome.

    Make A decision what is more important. something has to be first priority



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