Going to Thailand next month

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I’m going to Thailand next month for a business trip. Gonna stay around Bangkok. I also want to travel around the place and maybe meet some new friends while I’m there. I’m aware that Thailand is heavily populated with foreigners so I’m not that worried for my safety. I heard Thai ladies are very pretty and I’d love to meet or even date some of them. What are your experiences in going to Thailand and dating there? What should I look out for (if there are any)?



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    Don't know about Thailand, though I'm an avid traveler myself! I usually go to Europe, countries like Georgia and Italy are amazing. Though this time I'm going to book tickest for shore cruise in St. Petersburg, this is really unusual and I'm really interested in that trip. Here's the article that inspired me to do so: https://www.kiwibox.com/lyricbugle86/blog/entry/148013007/cruise-shore-excursions-in-st-petersburg-russia-review/

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    Thailand is a wonderful country and a very popular travel destination. I can't tell you about dating, but I can suggest checking travel sites in order to find out more about activities and tours available there.  Hope it helps!

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