Five ingredient recipes

I’m on a strict budget. I’d love to get some ideas on meal prep recipes with only five ingredients, but still flavorful. Thank you!



  • FeeFee Raw Master

    I'm rediscovering raw food again and one thing I found I'm loving is a large salad with tahini lemon dressing. I add a spoon of tahini to my serving bowl then mix in some lemon juice and a bit of salt. Mix it altogether adding a little water drop by drop if it isn't the right consistency to coat salad. Then pile the salad on the top and mix well with your hands. If we count the water and salt as free ingredients then you can add lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes to this and it would be 5 ingredients.

    Using sunflower seeds in raw cheezes in place of almonds in much cheaper and still tastes good.

    Eating produce that is in season is cheaper too.

    Spiralizered courgette or carrot noodles would also work with the lemon dressing.

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