Just started need advice

Hey guys,

So glad I found this place.

I have had some pain in my left side for around 10 years. It's weird. It seems to get worse when I'm eating unhealthy and then better again. 

I decided to go raw vegan as its the lifestyle I think makes the most sense. 

I started with a 3-day water fast, I felt great, headaches stopped, the pain went away. 

I then started my raw food, 

Start the day with lemon ginger green juice, then a smoothie with fruit and socked nuts, then avocado snack, huge salad lunch, another avocado or nuts, then raw soup or dehydrated veg for dinner, lots of water in between.


The thing is although I feel energised, I have been getting headaches and joint aches, as well as the uncomfortable left side, aching. 


My question is how long until my body starts to reap the benefits of eating healthy. Should I adjust anything? I want to heal and stay eating like this!!



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    It takes a little while to detox. I'd go slow with the changeover and let your body adjust. 

  • mindytmindyt Raw Newbie

    For me it took about a month to for my body to fully adjust to the new diet and stop having the headaches and migraines I did in the beginning.

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