Staying raw during quarantine

MyrtoMyrto Raw Newbie

HellO guys!!! I just wanted to ask how did you get rid of all the unneeded fungus that are in your intestines? And also, how do you manage to stay raw during quarantine days? 

PS: I roommate with meat eaters



  • katherinepkatherinep Raw Jr. Leader

    oh boy! Staying raw when locked up with meat eaters is so tough! My husband and kids eat meat and it gets really tough for me sometimes. What actually works for me is i just ignore what they are eating and what i am eating. Just try to keep my mind off of it and so far it is helping me stay raw.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I've been working on my garden, including a few plants growing in the kitchen. And I've got sprouts going most days. 

    I've also taken up attempting to grow oyster mushrooms with a kit smile 

  • One week into quarantine we got grow lights and started our garden in the house; literally hundreds of plants that we're just beginning to eat now!

    I've actually used the time to experiment with new raw recipes. I have the kids help out with this because generally, if they help make it, they will most likely eat it.

    If you have a family, coming up with raw snacks and some healthy desserts that provide a little deviation from All Fruits and Vegetables, can really help out. maybe even take their mind off meat!The more you can get the family on board, the better. If there's any way you can steer them clear of meat till dinnertime, it'd be great for both you and them. I've got four kids in the house and, although they are not strictly vegan or even vegetarian, it's generally pretty easy to keep our diets coordinated till dinnertime. Breakfasts of raw muesli with fruit or raw granola or chia puddings. Fruit (fresh or dried), nuts and some good healthy dehydrated snacks through the day if they get hungry (and what kid doesn't?)Finally, lunch is a big salad or a fruit soup (which is so simple to make it's insane). If I can get them eating healthy, unprocessed food well into the afternoon - or through the school day when they're in school- I feel pretty good. And it helps me to keep on track too.


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I like having things growing inside. It's good for indoor oxygen levels too. I finally got a few grow lights to supplement the sunlight coming through the windows. I'm still lost on just how much area they cover, but I'll get there. 

  • TrishbTrishb Raw Newbie

    Well, I stayed in this week, and alone. So, starting one of Rawtarian's Raw Food courses helped me a lot to get through my "quarantine".  I really like following the meal plan.  Those Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies are delicious!    And the Tuna Salad too.  It's all delicious.   Thank you, Rawtarian.

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    A garden helps. Recipes help. Vegetable wash so I can stop being a hypochondriac - definitely helps. 

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