How do you afford all of those nuts?

It seems like almost everything has nuts in it. Is there a place online to purchase nuts in bulk? It seems awfully expensive. THANK YOU 


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  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master
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    Have you tried Amazon? I know it's not the first place to think of when it comes to nuts, but I've had some luck over there. 



  • Thanks, TammiTrue. I checked it out and you are right; they have better prices. 

  • schwam66schwam66 Raw Jr. Leader

    i use grapetree for 90% of my nuts, they are always having sales on and when stuff is half price i stock up, usually do something like 20% off if spend £100 and stuff like that as well, buywholefoodsonline is good too as my secondary stop. 

  • Those are the best prices I've seen yet. I'm in the US, though (sorry I didn't say) and it looks like they don't ship for free and I'm guessing it's costly. I can't find that info on their site. Thanks for the info. 

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