one meal a day (sentences and questions)

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If I consume levothyroxine and prednisone medications, will it mess up my fasting and prevent my body from burning fat and if the answer is yes, what can I do? Is there any things that some bodies consume that prevent fat from being burned when fasting and eating one meal a day? If my body is relatively thin, would it burn less fat, even if I eat lots of nuts and seeds? How much should bodies exercise when eating one meal a day? Is a walk around the block for 24-34 minutes too much exercise for eating one meal a day? What counts as a workout? I listened to a YouTube video with somebody that said that fasting for 24-72 hours should be done once or twice a month, but im not sure if that is true. What do you think about that?Why do you suggest eating vegetables that are non-starchy for "do's and dont's while training in a fasted stated"? Why do you suggest avoiding grains for "other meal tips (for muscle building)" What do you think of my body eating one meal a day, except for fasting for around 48 hours once in a while? How can I know if my body stores the fat that it eats, if my body is relatively thin? Do all human bodies have stored fat and enough to use when fasting? I also heard somebody suggest supplements for this on a YouTube video, but im not sure if I need to do that. How can I know if my body would need supplements for eating one meal a day? What if there is lots of nutrients in the food that my body eats and if its not the same meal two days in a row? What do you think?



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    I don't think it's a good idea not to eat for straight two or three days! Who asked you to do that?

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    Fat loss is a natural result of fasting. Eating more nuts and other fat-rich foods may help to "stock up" on fats for a fast. 

    I tend to take a multivitamin and extra B vitamins to compensate if I'm short in any area, although I try not to be as well. Food is the most important source of vitamins and minerals, of course. 

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    fasting is extremely healthy,our bodies are designed to handle hunger ......its a cleansing period.Latest cancer studies show if you have a mouse with a large cancer growth, it will decrease in size by 50% just by fasting!



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