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where to buy chia seeds

I am going to buy some since people have been talking about its benefits here. Is it carried in any local stores in Dallas, any ideas? I would rather buy in a store than order online. Thanks very much.


  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    I only recently discovered these wonderful little seeds. I had to ask if my local store had them after I looked exhaustively for them. I didn’t know they were also known by the name “Anutra”. Anutra is the white chia seed and quite a bit more expensive than the black seed however I bought a small amount to familiarize myself. In just a few days I have become enamoured with this little miracle, lol.

  • If you get them at a health food store, they’re going to be more money than they would be online (most likely). I got my first chia seeds for $22 for a one pound container at a natural foods market. Later, I found them online for $6 and some change with shipping for a pound.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I’ve heard of the white seeds called Salba, not Antura, but both may be just brand names. The nutritional profile is similar, white seeds being slightly more nutritious and lots more expensive. I buy the regular organic chia online. 2 lbs, $20./ free shipping. www.getchia.com

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Hey yydallas, I buy my online at www.chiaseedandoil.com They have the best price that I have found… If you find them locally you may pay through the nose as compared to this site… Wish I was in Big “D”... I love Texas!!!

  • Salba is a brand name for a selected variety of white Chia seeds. Little if any nutritional difference. For those in Canada, we carry both white and natural (brown) http://www.rawnutrition.ca/html/advantage_healt…

  • you can purchase chia seeds thro brian and courtney smith. they own and operate an online store called Loving Foods in Dallas. $10 a pound.


    they have tons of superfoods, check them out!

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    after reading about chia in countless blogs and in victoria boutenko’s book, i researched them. I simply have to try them. I am going to order them online because i haven’t seen them anywhere.

  • I saw them in Whole Foods but did not notice the price.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I went to the links above and none of them are chemical free, they just say Premium, not chemical free :(.

    The only places I’ve found chemical free chia are from Angela Stoke’s and Matt Monarch’s sites. They also are selling on Amazon.com. The shipping cost appears to be less from their sites, but price per bag is more expensive than on Amazon (but think that their site ends up being less money). Here are the links (the links are for 25 pounds worth, but you can search for smaller sizes once there):

    http://www.livingnutritionals.com/advanced_sear… http://store.rawreform.com/product_info.php?pro… http://www.amazon.com/Chia-Seeds-Pounds-Chemica…=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1209830268&sr=8-2

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I just bought a 5 lb. bag from Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes through Amazon. I think it was $37, can't remember if that was before or after shipping. That is for the white seeds, that is the best price I've ever found. I love them and eat them every day!

  • Consider purchasing chia seeds from Natural Zing (naturalzing.com) They're very reputable, responsive and quick to fulfill orders. I've been pleased with every order I've made with them!


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I have ordered from them too. And have had very good luck. I order everything else from them. The Monarch/Stokes chia seeds are priced much lower.

  • nsns

    Anyone knows the cheapest and best source in Canada for Chia seeds? Shipping a 5 lb bag from the US might be quite expensive.

  • 00 Raw Newbie

    I've actually seen them at my local Whole Foods (in California) in the bulk section, I think for something like US $6/lb... It also helps if you have a local natural foods grocery. Just ask them if you could place a bulk order, and they'll usually get it for you at less than retail prices, and if you're lucky, at just a tiny bit more than wholesale. It also saves on shipping, since it's shipped along with the stuff your grocery store has already ordered... All you have to do is drive to the grocery store and pick it up when your store gets their next shipment.

    I bet you could ask Whole Foods if they do that, too, if you don't have a smaller local natural grocery store in your area.

    Hope this helps.

  • Try getting your Chia seeds from www.buychiaseeds.info they are the cheapest in the Uk I have found. They also sell them through ebay .So you could potentially get them cheap as chia (chips).

  • HI there is a special offer for 1kg of chia seeds for

  • Hello Everyone-

    We have top quality chia seeds (at low prices) with FREE shipping in the USA. Also great prices for Canada orders. Check us out! http://www.chiaseedcentral.com

  • Spread the Christmas Chia (cheer) 950g of raw chia seeds only

  • johnrexjohnrex Raw Newbie

    I have been taking Pure Organic Chia Seeds for the past 5 years. It is a great superfood to supplement the usual rice, potato and bread for my breakfast and meals.

    Chia seeds are superfoods with numerous health benefits. Chia are excellent for our heart as they are rich in omega fatty acids which increase good cholesterol (HDL) and prevent the deposition of bad fats (LDL) in our blood vessels.

    Also, chia seeds are rich in fibre and proteins which makes them an ideal option for weight watchers, gym goers, athletes and also for general well-being. In addition to this, their anti-oxidant content protects our cell membranes from getting damaged from free radicals and prevents oxidative stress.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I've found them with the grains before. I don't know if they're actually raw though or "lightly toasted for safety."

  • kevinp4145kevinp4145 Raw Newbie
    edited March 12

    The wellbeing food segment, mass food area, organic food segment, preparing walkway, mass food canisters, and flavor passageway are for the most part puts where supermarkets may keep chia seeds. Customers may likewise discover them in the path where rice and dry beans are sold. At Wegmans, you can have prepared to eat 2,200mg of ALA Omega 3's per serving it Gluten Free. You should simply add chia seeds into water, and burn-through it first thing or some other time, and it will give you a variety of medical advantages.

  • nightsnights Raw Newbie

    Depend where you live but here in Canada they can be found in pretty much every supermarket.

  • Hi! I ordered from Salba and loved everything (from service to delivery). Everything is top notch!

  • 3lephant3lephant Raw Newbie

    I see there are many websites that sell Chia Seeds. 

    In fact, I was not aware of its benefits before visiting here.


    According to information on the net, it is very good for our health, can be taken by both men and women to solve most of the health issues. It is also very helpful to the blood related abnormality.... 

  • rupertgrupertg Raw Newbie
    edited April 19


  • amberp7745amberp7745 Raw Jr. Leader

    I don't trust buying chia seeds from an online store, because several times I have received the exact wrong thing that I ordered. I found a local store, you can find them in any supermarket. It's cheaper that way without shipping.

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