What do you do about contraception?


I have been taking the emergency pill as cannot get pregnant RN but I need to consider taking something longterm, I dont feel that any contraception i know about fits me and my body. Is taking your temperature and stuff really as effective as taking a pill?


Things i've tried and either they've failed or i've struggled with : condoms

Things i've only heard bad things about: The coil, IUD, injection/implant, contraceptive pills







  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
    edited February 2021

    If I can remember back to health class, taking your temperature was around 10% less effective than the pill, so not ideal. I'm not sure there is one perfect solution. 

  • plantbasedplantbased Raw Newbie

    Hi! A natural product that’s always worked for me is carrot seed extract. Take when ovulation or if preferred after sex. Also know as Queen Anne’s lace.

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