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katherinepkatherinep Raw Jr. Leader

So I have decided to put my 9 months old daughter on HIPP formula and i found some at formularus, So far they have been very responsive to all my questions but im kind of paranoid when it comes to feeding my baby and i'm hoping that moms on here could help me out? I just wanna know if anyone has tried formularus and if the quality of formula was good and was delivered to you on time. 


  • jessicakan1jessicakan1 Raw Jr. Leader

    I have not tried from Formularus but I have been ordering Enfamil baby formulas from Amazon and Walmart. I often buy in packs of 6 as that way I can store them for a longer period of time. The quality and quantity is good and you can pick the formula as per your preference too.

  • jessicakan1jessicakan1 Raw Jr. Leader

    I started with Enfamil and it worked best for my baby. It has a lot of products as per concerns and as per the needs. It gives the baby complete nutrition. My baby suffered from reflux and constipation which made it difficult for him to sleep at night, Enfamil worked best for him. I went ahead with Enfamil A.R

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