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Improved digestion?

Has anyone had a dramatic change in their digestion? I thought that I had a problem with dairy and possibly wheat but now I think it’s just about anything.


  • My biggest health issues before I detox, water-fasted, and changed to a 100% diet for a year, followed then to a 80-90% raw and 20-10 cooked diet was my digestive system and reproductive system. I even had an active ulcer on my duodenum. I had to take to differnt pills before every meal even if it was a salad meal. My ulcer is not active anymore. I do not know if it went away at all since I never got the invasive study again to see if it disappeared. My digestive track healed after a 6 week fruit detox followed by several short water-fasts. Still, it was weak and I continued eating raw for six months, not only fruits, but vegetable as well. Condiments were not on my diet on the period of time since they all irritated my digestive track, specially my intestine. So, no pepper, no onions, no leeks, no garlic nothing. Not even seasalt. After 6 month period on raw only, my digestive system was strong and I could start eating raw nuts and dried fruits which where a problem before, too heavy, too much fruit and proteine, too much of concentrated fruit. They fermented and putrefacted in my instestine track leading to gas and not good smelling at all. That was before, after the fast and raw eating when away. I do not drink the pills any more for my ulcer. I do not need them. Very important, the most important of all, is to learn how to combine your food properly. There are rules which I believe are true and they do apply for a better improve digestion. They are according to the food combining principles of the Natural Hygiene life style. For example, you do not eat a concentrated fat like avocado, with another concentrated fat / proteine like cashews!! I could not tolerate that, my husband can tolerate it better but still wrong food combining, chemically, your body cannot diggest both correctly and it will lead to putrefaction and fermentation in your intestine. Your body would then not be able to absorb all the vitamins, minerals, etc. as well as it was good combined and with the time it will weaken your instestine and your stomach. For example, you do not combine a carbohydrate like steamed potatoes with nuts!! Never, or advocado. If you are interested in the food combining rules, I have them typed somewhere in my computer. I could look for them for you and post them, if you like.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    There is a big difference between raw and cooked foods. Raw wheat and dairy will digest more efficiently than cooked grain or pasteurized dairy. You are eating living foods and you body does not have to work as hard. It already contains enzymes needed for proper digestion. Cooking destroys these enzymes and your body has to make enzymes in order to digest them. Remember cooked foods takes a really long time to digest. We are talkin 8hrs or more here. Thats quite a burden on the body wouldnt you say?

  • Thanks jirizarry and humanimal! I guess what I was wondering was has anyone started off eating raw and then changed their raw diet and noticed a big change for the better in digesting. But it sounds like jirizarry has gone to a major extreeme and had really excellent results. It seems like right after I eat fruit or a smoothie I have to run to the bathroom. This is weird because fruit should be really good for a person. I did a 3 day fast a while back when I was having medical tests done to see if I had an ulcer or whatever. So I was very cleaned out at that point. I also had tests done to see if I have a parasite but they came back negative. But anyway I was wondering if anyone felt like it took some time for their body to get used to the raw food or be able to digest it. I am conflicting on whether to eat only fruit and cut out the fat for a while or if it’s the fruit that is doing it and cut that out…

  • writeeternity, i am still having problems with my digestion as well – more so than when SAD i think. i have been raw almost 3 months and have started eating A LOT more fruit lately as it seems to be the easiest for me to digest. my main problem is with bloating and irregular BMs. i recently isolated spinach as the bloating culprit and have switched to green lettuces instead. i also can not digest walnuts or flax seed – both cause severly oily stools. i think it is just a matter of finding out which foods work for you and using the rules of food combining. the more simply i eat, the better i feel. i have started to notice adverse reactions to onion and garlic also. maybe i will try a fruit fast as jirizarry has done… how long have you been raw?

  • Hi cc78! I have been eating a lot of spinach lately, and walnuts and flax! I have been really raw for about 3 months. I haven’t bought any bread, crackers, pasta, dairy, etc. I’m not sure about percentage though.

    I would love to see the food combining rules jirizarry has! I am definitely going to try to implement those. I really shouldn’t worry about it I think because maybe it’s just going to be this way until my body integrates the good stuff and gets rid of the bad stuff. I feel like the walnuts are going in there and kicking the bad fats out! I hope that is happening! I know some foods chelate the bad stuff so that cilantro may be coming out but it has all kinds of stuff attached to it like mercury etc so that’s a good thing.

    Thank you for all of your help. My digestion has gotten a lot better since giving up dairy and wheat. I mean it was so bad I couldn’t go out to eat with my boyfriend 5 minutes away and it was torture getting home fast enough to go to the bathroom. I can eat a salad if we go out to eat and it’s no problem now. But still compared to him I go a lot!

    Also, I just read something about leaky gut syndrome that I think pertains to me- it makes a lot of sense. If someone takes a lot of advil it can thin out your intestines and make perforations. I have been taking a lot of advil for a long time – I have been able to cut back for days recently though. Luckily ZI never got addicted to perscription drugs or alcohol- because it would have been easy but I like to suffer too much! (just a joke) But really if you like to read you can’t do that if you’re passed out! SO that has helped me a lot.

    BTW this site has helped me A LOT because the recipes, stories, and people are so inspiring! Yesterday I helped my boyfriend load sheetrock onto the cart at the store and into the truck in the parking lot 8 giant pieces!. I have been walking around buying stuff with him for hours- that would have not happened in the recent past. He is building a place in the basement for me to put all of my stuff and dehydrator and stuff so I am really excited about it. We even purchased a toilet and he is bulding a bathroom down there! I also want to say that I have a lot of sympathy for people who are in pain. I could have never imagined the full scope of what people are going through till this. I was just at the grocery store the other day and the guy who worked there was making fun of the old people in front of us for walking so slow. I didn’t want to tell him to slow down for me too- but people can be so unaware that those people aren’t just walking slow they are in pain! Celebrex barely works and gives people hear attacks, advil barely works and will eat the lining of your stomach and intestines- so what do a lot of people do- they just drink alcohol or get drugs that knock them out. There are too many people suffering out there and there is too much bad food out there. Food has to be causing a lot of this, and probably the pesticides that are on conventional food like strawberries are huge culprits. I started out being a vegetarian at 15 but I would have been a lot more religious about my eating if I had known it would lead to this!

    Thank you all for everything and persuing this path as well!

  • I usually go to the toilet very frequently when I am on a raw only fruit diet. Fruit make go to the toilet more frequently because they digest so quickly, about 30 mintues, hour for a banana, and the energy used by your body to digest is less. So, that does improves digestion. Fruit gives your body more energy, your body gets more energy of it, than what it uses to digest. When that happens, your body uses the extra energy, not spend on digestion which until your changes in your diet was always used up to maybe 4 hours to fully digest, to clean up!! So, you will go more frequently to the toilet, and you could expect to go within a couple of minutes of eating fuit to the toilet. For example, when I eat fruit in the morning, I usually go to the toilet within the next 30 minutes, usually it happens on the first 15 minutes. If on a day, I am the whole day in fruits, I could go up to 6 times to the toilet. Again, it is cleaning up. The toxier you are, the more frequent you will pay a visit to the toilet. Digestion does improves, but to a certain point. What gets improved, which is probably what you could be experienced is house cleaning! Your body is using the extra energy to clean up.

  • I am doing alot of reading, from varied sources, and am working to overhaul my body/diet. Part of this overhaul is my switch to mostly raw foods. I wanted to bring up a book I have recently been led to, which I find is making sense-Eat Right for Your Type by Dr Peter D’Adamo. The theory is that certain foods will not be digested well by different blood types. I have made adjustments that include eliminating certain fruits, nuts, etc and I am feeling better for it. Of course, I have been feeling better period since adopting a more natural diet and eliminated dairy, wheat, meats, etc. I have also found that days when I workout, followed by body brushing and sauna, usually followed by a breakfast of watermelon juice leads to a regular like clockwork visit to the…ahem…can. Perhaps the detox effects of other factors like the exercise , sauna, etc are at work here? I’m not sure.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Watermelon is extremely good for cleansing. I was freaked out by the amount of garbage that was in me the first time I did an all-day watermelon cleanse. Lemon and cayenne pepper (not necessarily together) stimulate the production of HCL (hydrochloric acid). They will help digestion if eaten 30 minutes before a meal. Many of the recipes on this site, while they sound great, are transitional. They help get a person from SAD to raw, but you will eventually eat more simply. There is a lot of poor food combining and too much fat involved in most of them to eat these kinds of meals daily. I eat a lot of mono-meals. I bought Doug Graham’s book, 80/10/10 and have been trying that for the last few weeks. It’s hard for me to eat enough food for my weight, per caloric suggestions, and I only weigh 110 pounds. It’s difficult to eat a half a watermelon for one meal without spending the next few hours in the bathroom and the three course dinner is more than I would normally eat. I have too many leftovers which become oxidized in the fridge and denatured. Sometimes one has to do what is practical! I do better with green smoothies.

    Incidentally, the Blood Type Diet doesn’t make scientific sense to me. It says that type B does well on dairy. Most Oriental people are type B and studies that I have read say that most are lactose intolerent. Dairy is not eaten much there. I don’t think dairy is good for anyone.

  • Hi 123, gypsy, and jirizarry! Thanks for all of the advice. I haven’t looked at those books but I definitely need to broaden my research in that area. I have been concentrating on making things I think my boyfriend will like too so those are usually heavier recipes. I also went through a whole bunch of lemons in the last couple of days and that seems to have helped. They help the stomach digest. Thanks again!

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