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Hi all!

I am just wondering if anyone has experience with fasting. Fasting typically refers to not consuming anything but water although people do juice fasts in whcich they only consume fresh juice.

I discovered fasting awhile ago and I have found it to be very rewarding. My first fast I did because I was getting sick and so I decided I woudl fast it out. It worked! In 2 days I was 100% better and on the third day of my fast I felt a feeling of bliss and euphoria like never before.

Since then I have done many more 3-day fasts and before I went 100% raw i did a 6-day one. I lost 20 pounds doing it, but gained 10 back since, The rest was toxins that my body eliminated!

Anyways, I was just wondering how other people feel abotu fasting. I definately think it is a positive practice.

Let me know,



  • I’ve done the Master Cleanse (with Kandace) three times now. Basically for three days each time, about three and a half the last time… The problem is, I’m more or less hungry the whole time! I’m always reading that your hunger goes away after a while, but mine never does. Then again, it’s also often suggested that you should be doing the Cleans anywhere from 10 to 40 days.

    That said, I’m always happy with the results. I feel great while I’m doing it, and I’m surprised it’s not a more common part of standard medical practice. It’s pretty nice to check your tongue every day and see the detox in progress!

  • On January 8th I started a 13 day Liquithon fast. They give you enough product to last 18 days, so that is what I did. I feel fantastic from doing this. Now my DH just started Liquithon yesterday. Here is more info on it:

    The Liquithon 13 days of raw, liquid wholefood nourishment based upon meal offerings that were called “rational fastings” in ancient times. Great American is leading the wholefoods revolution by finding and resurrecting a treasure house of lost wisdom from antiquity. The Liquithon unifies, integrates, and harmonizes one’s physical, emotional, and mental dimensions resulting in a more fluid, peaceful, and greater sense of well being. Enjoy 7 meals a day over 13 days!

    The Liquithon consists of seven farinas. That is seven liquefied meals that you simply stir up in a glass of water and enjoy. Of course you may vary the mixing of these with juices, but they taste so wonderful on their own. Also, the closer you stick to the recommended use, the greater your results will be. Just think, in only two weeks of pleasurable discipline you could be healthier, more radiant and happier than you have been in a long time. If you feel and look great already, you can only improve. And get this, you will save money and time from both budgets as you “Nourish Till You Flourish.”

    Briefly, the farinas are as follows :

    1. AmpliPhi, the red farina , affects the circulatory system, heart, and helps to move around so many necessary nutrients. You will find this farina particularly uplifting and stimulating.
    2. BeautiPhi, the orange farina , affects the endocrine system and what is often referred to as the qi. This is so important to all of us for strength, cleansing and balance. You’ll find your attitude improve and you’ll experience a lightness of body and spirit.
    3. ClariPhi, the yellow farina, works strongly with the liver, solar plexus, and of course the nervous system. This farina seems to aid in concentration and focus as well as the ability to take in more easily your environment.
    4. DetoxiPhi, the green farina, is really the king pin of clean’s’ing. This is the meal that moves the stuff on out. Drink it cold or room temperature and enjoy the benefits of a clean colon. You will also find yourself moving more easily and find walking and exercise to be more enjoyable.
    5. ElectriPhi, the blue farina, really wakes you up in the morning. What an exciting way to introduce your taste buds to the new day. ElectriPhi makes your bones happy to be out of bed and ready for a morning walk. This one will make you smile.
    6. FructiPhi, the indigo farina, allows you to breathe more easily. Feel the energy of this farina’s ability to help your respiratory system breathe in the good and expel the used. As refreshing as an Appalachian lavender sunset.
    7. Gloriphi, the violet or purple farina, unchains the brain and increases the flow of all things in the ever so important lymphatic system. This one works great, and tastes great. Kids love this farina and it is so wonderful for them.


  • joyjoy

    Heya James!

    Hmmm. I could use a bit of bliss and euphoria right about now. Thanks for the nudge!

    So did you do a juice fast or just water?


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I enjoy the process of cleansing. My first cleanse was a 2-week program offered through our nutritionist. It was right when I was transitioning away from dairy and into a vegan, raw diet so it helped quite a bit to work on getting detoxed and disrupting my routine enough that the change in diet was much easier.

    I’ve also joined Ray on a couple short Master Cleanses. I’m thinking that, because the raw diet is so cleansing, the Master Cleanse worked quite quickly. After 3 or four days, I had gone from white tongue (a sign your body is detoxing) to pink tongue (a sign you are through) even though the cleanse usually lasts 10+ day. Made me even more excited about raw food!

    Hi Hleva: Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this latest post appears to be information on a product you are selling. We’d like to keep the regular forum areas free of such ads, but would love to hear about your raw products. In keeping with this, there is a section in the forums called Talk it Up dedicated to products, events, etc. Please feel free to talk your products up all you’d like in this area. Thank you!

  • Hi jOy!

    Fasting is definately about feeling great. I have never done a juice fast. I only drink water while fasting. I am only hungry for the first day. For the next few days, everything is a bit foggy. But after that, your body continues to cleanse and everything is so clear in my mind and instead of time passing me by, it seems as tho time is not moving and I can go along at my own pace. Definately relaxed. It’s because I’m getting all the toxins out of my body.

    It sounds funny, it alomost feels like being stoned. But its not foggy, you don’t get tired and it’s healthy for you!! A true natural high!

    If you want more info just google fasting and nautral hygiene. Soime good stuff will should come up.


  • I’m on day 37 currently what started out as a dilluted juice fast and worked into pure water.

    In the past, I have done several lengthy fasts as well. In the long run, nothing beats whole food—fiber has many many benefits that fasting cannot offer….however, I fasted and am fasting for heaing purposes since eating had become chornically illing for me.

    If you decide to fast on juices, it is suggested that you keep juice recipe to no more than three ingredients and strain all juices and dillute.

    Freedom for you fasting is one of my favorties! Good luck…..

  • I have been doing a series of total body detoxes since late summer and am happy to announce that in 2 weeks I will be finally finished ;)

    I would like to try a fast, but I have never done one before and am not sure how my body will react to it.

    Can anyone suggest how long to wait between ending my detox and starting a fast? Not sure really how to go about doing a fast (other than not eating) and what I need etc, how long to go for, etc etc. I don’t have a juicer yet either.


  • alwayskNEWalwayskNEW Raw Newbie

    At the age of 13 I had a terrible ear infection that ended up piercing my eardrum. My mother who always suggestes not eating when sick and against medication, I ended up having 1/2 cup of juice once a day for 10 days. Let’s say it’s alot easier not to eat when your sick. But it all turned well.

    My mother who was diagnose with little tumors in her blader, decided to go to a health farm and ended up staying a whole month. Of course when she came back she was a bit scary to look at (very skinny) but since then (10yrs later) she looks like she’s 35.

    When I broke-up with my ex, I was in a terrible state. I decided to go to that same health farm and did my first water only 7 days fast. Cleared my body and mostly my thoughts.

    After that I did a couple of 1-2 days fast here and there. Did my second water fast in May 2006; total of 14days. I have to say that hunger is not the toughest part but being bored. hahaha.I always do my fasts alone because people no matter how nice and supportive they are they tend to create a certain stress. Except for health farms, they’re amazing but quite expensive.

    I’am currently on my 11th day of fast. More bored than hungry. It sometimes take alot of time to lose that hunger feeling but that’s because your stomach secreats that bill and it makes it all weird inside, but you have to be patient. I wake up feeling like crap, lazy, seing stars when I get up too fast, but once you take a shower you’re good to go. So 4 times a week I go to the gym; bike for an hour, set-ups.

    Here’s an article I found on internet: http://www.incredibletruth.org/fasting_2.htm

    It’s suggested to do your first fast with a supervisor. From my experience most people are afraid of it (probably as much as when you tell them you only eat raw food) you have to ignore than. I may only be 25 but most people think I look like I’m 17. I feel good and you have to trust your body, if you have no serious diseases (stated in the article) you should be ok.

    It is always preferable to prepare your body before you do a fast, detox is good, raw food only is amazing, so to you DAMZLFLY, you should be good to go. Dr. H.M. Sheldon wrote an amazing book on fasting, I suggest you read it WHILE you’re fasting (since you already know it might be good for you) reading it while you’re fasting will give you the strengh to continue.

    Good luck to you, trust yourself and don’t listen to people they won’t listen to you anyways! hahaha

  • alwayskNEWalwayskNEW Raw Newbie

    Forgot to mention the most important….my mom and her tumors…well the doctor was impressed that the tumors never came back. Of course she didn’t tell him she fasted, you know doctors and their ‘medicine’ hahaha

  • Ok well I’ve been busy and off the boards for a while…just wanted to post and say that I am doing the master Cleanse right now (about read to go to bed after day 1). I was great all day, but feeling quite hungry now. I’ve had my 60oz’s of lemonade so I’ve just been drinking water this evening. My tongue is white (yay) and I’m curious to see how long it takes to go pink. That will be when I stop. if I don’t go a full 10 days I won’t be upset as I have been 100% raw since the end of February.

    When typically is the ‘worst’ day of fasting?

  • I had never fast but will like to give in a try. How often should we fast?

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I went on a 3 day fast of only water and I’ve been on a one day fast with nothing at all. I wouldn’t recommend the one day fast of having nothing. When I fasted it was in pray and meditation. I was praying for my family and my life. Fasting is very important I would recommend praying at least 3 times a day when fasting. It helps calm the body and the mind which helps relieve toxins from the body. I’ve been on 2 day fast and 1 day fasts but my longest was 3 days.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    some recommend fasting one day, building up to two days every week, my husband used to do it and he says it made him feel amazing.

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