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Promoting Yourself on Gone Raw

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

We encourage you to promote yourself on Gone Raw! Here are some suggestions on how to get started introducing yourself (and maybe your product, service, or book) to the world.

  1. First, be sure to create a free account and fill out your profile. Write a little about yourself, give us a link to your website, blog, or online store, and if possible, post a photo. That lets folks get to know you, and they’ll start to recognize you after a while.
  2. Then, post some recipes, if you have some. If you’re a writer and have good recipes under your belt, posting some recipes on Gone Raw will give you a chance to also post a link to your book or website, and your name will be attached to the recipe as well, giving people another way to find out more about you and what you have to offer.
  3. Finally, be sure to start conversations, offer ideas, and share your thoughts on the forums. There’s lots of discussions going on there, and every post has your name and photo, as well as a link to your bio.

In addition, we’ve created this area for you to talk up your own raw products and services. Feel free to post your upcoming events, links to your books, etc. Gone Raw is all about sharing. We feel that everyone has something they can bring to the table, and we look forward to getting to know you!


  • Howdy Everyone,

    My wife Jennifer and I have started a new raw, vegan store. Check it out at www.RawFusionStore.us.

    You will enjoy our great prices and we are very careful to screen and test each product for purity and adherence to our strict raw, vegan principles. For example all of our snacks and bars that have nuts in them have been sprouted.

    To join our newsletter, use the below URL or go to web the web site www.RawFusionStore.us and click the icon "Join our Mailing List." Periodically we send out raw, vegan news, events and recipes. Of course we also like to support this community and post our recipes here.


    Thanks to All,

    Russell and Jennifer


  • Hello anyone who reads this!

    I have just started my own blog and would love to gain some followers.


    come visit!!!


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Ailema5 -- Congratulations on your blog. The blueberry cheesecake looks scrumptious. I bookmarked the blog and will come back and visit again soon. BTW - There's a thread somewhere on GoneRaw where people have been listing their blogs. You might want to do a search and add this information on that thread as well.

  • Healthy living is my passion and I have developed an approach to eating with Naked Nourishment. Eating and living with Naked Nourishment, or raw and live foods, is not only nutritious and satisfying, but also energizing and ultimately beautiful.

    Naked Nourishment is simply the most nutritious, healthy way of life. Each product is carefully selected for its high vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content and is delivered to you in its unaltered, authentic, simplest form to provide maximum nourishment for your body.

    *Shed unwanted pounds, improve skin tone, and easily discover the more youthful you.

    Nothing gives me more joy than when people want, thirst, and hunger for the knowledge to transform their lives. Many people seek out a more healthful way of living. My wish is to find and help those who seek the path to health and want more than anything to take care of themselves the best way possible.

    Check out my website on

    www.DianaStobo.com !

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    Hello all beautiful people! I started a blog with the intention of creating a safe place for people to talk about what is going on with them, be it revolving around diet or just anything! Come and visit me! coolywash.blogspot.com. It is a place for total embarrasment free honesty! Come share your thoughts, struggles and successes! Peace

  • Greetings! Gone Raw is a wonderful source for information and support. I'm not sure if this is appropriate to post here, but I think that there are others who might be interested in this novel approach to obtaining organic produce. The site is www.myorganicacers.com/index.php?=3607 If this is not appropriate to post here, I respectfully ask the moderators to delete this. Blessings!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hey guys! As some of you know, I promote a low fat raw vegan diet on my site www.fitonraw.com where I talk about raw foods, fitness, health, cravings, weight loss, etc. If you are interested, sign up to my ezine and receive my free report "The 4 Principles of a Healthy Raw Diet." It's an easy read and will give you the tools to go raw today. :)

    In more recent news, I just released my new e-book this past Tuesday called "21 Days to Conquer Your Cooked Food Cravings." It's a step-by-step, daily guide for ending cravings on a healthy raw food diet.

    If you are finding it hard to maintain a raw food diet due to the incessant binge-diet-binge cycle, check out:


    I just want to quickly add how much I enjoy this forum and its members. The dialogue always remains civil - unlike many of the other raw food forums - and it's wonderful to witness all the support and encouragement offered to newcomers. :)

    Thanks everyone! :D



  • Raw, Vegan Supplements

    Hi Gone Raw Readers,

    I am a Nutritionist, Herbalist & Author. I wanted to share with you about the RAW, Vegan Whole-Food Vitamins called Vitamin Code Raw Vitamins. There are a variety of raw multivitamins for men & women and single targeted nutrients like:

    Vitamin Code Raw D3

    Vitamin Code Raw B12

    Vitamin Code Raw Calcium

    Vitamin Code Raw Kombucha

    Vitamin Code Raw B Complex

    Vitamin Code Raw Iron

    Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin E

    Vitamin Code Raw Antioxidant

    There is a satisfying Raw, Vegan Meal Replacement called Raw Meal.

    There is also a Raw, Vegan Protein Powder called Raw Protein.

    For Super Green Foods, there is the Perfect Food Raw.

    And there is also a 7-day Raw Cleanse Formula caled Raw Cleanse.

    There's also a couple of good articles on the value of Raw Supplements:

    "Raw is Good for Your Health & Raw Supplements"

    "Is Your Multivitamin Raw?"

    To Your Raw Health!

    Healthy Woman

  • I have too many blog post ideas, and not enough followers...

    "Not enough" meaning none.


  • My partner and I just started a business called Raw-Nation and we created a organic libido and energy supplement called Hot Rawks. David Wolfe himself has talked about our product. Our product consists of certified organic herbs and superfoods and they are drum dried to help retain nutrients and placed in a vegan capsule. We are getting great reviews from our product. Please check out Hot Rawks. Our website is http://hotrawks.com and you from there you can go to the MEDIA link then AUDIO to listen to David Wolfe talk about Hot Rawks. Our goal is to bring attention to raw organic foods to everyone. Those of us that are in the raw food community know the benefits but the rest of the world needs to experience what we already know : ) We are true believers in the healing powers of raw organic foods.

    Our product is made with Raw organic herbs and superfoods. Hot Rawks is for men and women. Our product is designed to enhance libido, energy, vitality, circulation, mood and immune support

    Joe Odell


    Open Up and Say Raw!

  • Hey everyone!

    I get some really great recipes from this site called Four Green Steps


    they have many sections, like the infozone where I get all my environment related info

    but they also have this community section where people share amazing recipes!


    Hope you will all enjoy! All the best,


  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Hi, everyone!

    I offer general personal and business coaching : http://tinyurl.com/rawcoach

  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    I just started a blog..finally! I have been wanting to for about a year now. Going to try to post daily.


  • PinkWatermelonPinkWatermelon Raw Newbie

    I love promoting Sweet Wheat wheatgrass juice power because it is 100% organic and an awesome raw food / supplement.

    Try it, you might like it :) http://www.sweetwheat.com

  • Happy Raw GirlHappy Raw Girl Raw Newbie

    Got nothin' but love for the whole world.....want to share it!!!!!!!


  • Hey guys! I'm new here, but wanted to share about a great product! Shakeology is what I use to help get all those wonderful superfoods in my diet! It contains over 70 ingredients, a day's worth of fruit and veggies and just SO SO good for you! www.Shakeology.com/FitnessRemix is my website where you can learn more about it!! I love my chocolate shakeology (and yes, it's all natural, and the process they use in making it keeps it at its peak so they don't destroy the nutrients!!). Join me on my Facebook page, just search "Nichole Dominguez (Fitness Coach)"! I also provide accountability as a Fit Lifestyle Coach: www.RemixYourFitness.com, and have a BeachBody website as well for those looking for amazing workouts such as P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and even kid workouts! www.Fitness-Remix.com

    Whew! So there's all my sites! haha

  • Hey guys! I'm Allie and I've been on here for a while and I've had a blog for a while but no time to network and find people to give me feedback (or even followers, which would be awesome!). My blog is ripitraw.wordpress.com. If any of you guys want to go leave a comment and let me know what you think, that would be great!!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    My vegan blog if anyones interested:)


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