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germin8germin8 Raw Master

Now that I know raw foodist can smell, I feel I can post and ask this. :o) Well, I’m not 100% raw…

Can someone recommend a natural deodorant… that works? I can’t remember what I’ve tried… but, all the natural ones I have tried… sorta… stop working after some time. Sometimes, after only a couple days! I have to rotate them after that… and I often rotate them with anti-prespirant (yes, they’re bad for me…). Then, I switch back to natural… and so forth. Help.



  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    Have you tried crystal salt? I don’t use it, but I bought some for my dad (who’s a total omni) and he says its worked better than anything he’s ever used. Right now I’m using one by Nature’s Own until it runs out. Also, would you be interested in making your own? I was using baking soda for a while and it worked suprisingly well. I’ve heard of people using essential oils, too.

  • We use Thai Crystal. Give it some time if you try it. It changes the pH of your underarms to inhibit bacterial growth. It works because your sweat doesn’t stink – the bacteria excrement stinks. It does a good job, though not perfect. Regular deodorant never worked 100% perfectly for me either. You will still perspire/sweat in a natural, healthy way.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thank you so much for your replies… I cant’ wait to try this crystal deodorant. Does it last long? Is it something I can find at a health store easily… or do I have to special order it?

    Yes, I’ve tried to make my own deodorant… years ago. I cannot remember what I used, but I know I was using baby powder. I haven’t tried baking soda… I should look for a “recipe”. I’ll try this, but I may try it more often if the cystal is too expensive & doesn’t last long. Thanks.

  • you should check out a site called ‘simply divine botanicals’ they have the most ridiculously inspired luscious products, some of which are really going to cost you, and then you will want to pay more because they bring the goddess right out of your very cheeks. anyway, for $13 you can get a 4oz spray bottle of ‘crystal ally’ deodorant that is so nice and light and effective. i highly recommend it. it will last at least four months and works just as well as the crystal salts recommended here but doesn’t have the drag effect of wet armpits as the rock salt ones rather do (b/c you have to get them wet first to use them). for some reason this stuff just dries right up. get the black velvet facial cleanser as long as you’re at it.

  • I get the crystal rock at the local store. It costs about $8 and lasts for several years – that’s right – YEARS! (as long as you don’t drop it in the sink or on the ceramic tile floor, in which case you have lots of sharp fragments that aren’t useful anymore)

  • I’ve also been using the rock crystal for a few years and it does work well. But I find that I have to use it daily to get the most benefit. I also find that wetting the top w/ a little warm water works better then wetting it with cold water.

  • Hey all just a tip! You can take chlorphyl (sp?) pills or liquid supplement and within 3 days u will not smell! OR eat 30 pounds of greens a day! I didnt like the rock because my skin is sensitive and it gave me a rash! You can also make your own deoderant with eo’s and witchhazel!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master


    What are “eo’s” – essential oils?

    Yes, I remember you posted about the chlorophyll pills… and it caught my attention. But, I wanted to see what I can do with raw food first. I know I should eat more veggies… thanks for the reminder. :o) I’ll probably try the chlorophyll pills when I’ve tried these other deodorants. Is there a brand you recommend? Like a pharmaceutical “grade” of natural supplements?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master


    What are “eo’s” – essential oils?

    Yes, I remember you posted about the chlorophyll pills… and it caught my attention. But, I wanted to see what I can do with raw food first. I know I should eat more veggies… thanks for the reminder. :o) I’ll probably try the chlorophyll pills when I’ve tried these other deodorants. Is there a brand you recommend? Like a pharmaceutical “grade” of natural supplements?

  • Yes Essential oils, you can find recipes online but you can basically get a spray bottle (dark glass is best to protect eo’s from degradation) fill it 3/4 way with witch hazel then add water but leave room for the essential oils, oils to use are sage, grapefruit, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, all the anitbacterial ones! add about 20-30 drops total. Shake well each time and spry your bo away! As far as the supplement route I found that anybrand works, you can take kelp, or chlorophyll, or spirilina, blue green algae etc it doesnt matter just take it!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I tried the thai crystal rock… it’s the third day, right about when I’d be noticing it’s time to change deodorants again… and I still smell pretty good! Amazing! My husband (who is practically odor-less) wants to start using it… he says, if it can work for me… it can work for him.

    For $8 I hope it lasts for years… but, I’d be happy even if it were for a year. I’m putting it to the real test this weekend… rock-climbing.

    Thanks everyone. (I’ll still remember the eo’s… I think those would be good to have a nice scent… I don’t wear those perfumes and stuff… haven’t in years… and it would be nice to have something like that using the eo’s.)

  • I’ve been pretty happy with Kiss My Face’s “Liquid Rock” roll-on. Their stick deodorant wasn’t that great, but the roll-on works great & comes scented & unscented. I do some pretty intense working out in the gym (1 1/2 – 2 hours at a time 6 days a week), get really sweaty & still don’t get stinky. I haven’t tried the rock crystal thingie yet, though, so I can’t comment on it.

    - Stasi

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Just did some sweating while rock-climbing… and the crystal rock did a great job compared to 2 weekends ago when I was doing the same thing using an anti-perspirant. I was in the sun more this time around. I love this stuff!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    lulushka8 Interesting! How do you apply Lemon? Do you juice your lemons first and apply the juice, or just rub lemon wedges on your skin?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Lemon-deodarant? Fascinating!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Well that has to be one of the coolest things I’ve heard! FYI…for those out there…do NOT USE LIME! Some people’s skin has reactions to lime and also celery juice, where their skin pigment will turn dark brown where the juice touches it (once exposed to sun). I found out the hard way…used to squeeze lime in my water then take it outside to sit in the sun…I could see black spots appearing up over my fingers and top of my hand immediately! My dermatologist said that lime juice and celery juice can cause this in some people, and to be especially careful when drinking…drink thru a straw to avoid a dark brown mustache from appearing! Yikes! Just wanted to mention that in case somebody else has that problem…wouldn’t want to develop black armpits LOL!

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    well, i’ve been deo free for a few months now, and on the crystal for maybe a month. at first it worked really well for me, but lately its not worked much at all. i have to be close to clients all day, and i worry that i’m getting to be rough smelling. i take two showers or baths a day and change my tshirts frequently. i’m going to try the lemon juice, but i wonder, won’t it be sticky?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I’ve been on the crystal for about a month… I hope it still holds strong. Keep me posted on the lemon. :o) Maybe you just need to alternate.

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    i just brush on a little baking soda. no recipe needed.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i’ve been using lemon juice for the last 3 days. this really works!! on the 3rd day i didn’t use any at all, and it still seemed to be working. i don’t feel like i sweat as much and it doesn’t smell.

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    lulushka - my friend from Colombia uses lemon, too! she actually uses limes, too - maybe it depends on your skin tone/color whether the lime stains in the sun or not. she said that’s what the indigenous people all use there (she is 1/2 indigenous). back to the roots!

    ambikalee—i have started taking chlorophyll in liquid form for the last 3 days. is there a limit to how long you should take it or is it safe to just continue taking it? i kind of like the taste. i started using the crystal at the same time, and so far so good. i noticed a light smell tonight while i was teaching a class, but it was not nearly as acrid and bitter as it was when i was using regular deodorant. it feels so clean! yeah!

  • Yeah Chlorophyll!! You can take it as long as you want, its just plant blood, its like eating lots of greens but without the fiber and other nutrients. When ever I forget or run out it takes a while before I start to smell again. Keep us posted on your results please!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    Thanks, Ambikalee! I will keep chugging my chlorophyll and will keep you posted on my odor….. :) I have very sensitive skin and already the crystal is providing some relief to my underarms.

  • ambikalee, I assume you were joking when you said to eat 30 pounds of clay a day?

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I use cosmetic grade witch hazel with a few drops tea tree oil and/or grape fruit seed extract. All are great antimicrobals and kill smelly bacteria. Just pour in a spray bottle and shake before each spray. You can add other EOs for deodorant.

    I will have to try the lemon juice. I never thought of that.

    Days later … I tried the lemon juice. I think it works better than my previous remedy. I am going to start keeping a “deodorant lemon” in the fridge. Let’s see, that’s app. 10 days for 40 cents and it is natural. I’m going to tell my other friends that have discussed their inability to find a really good natural deodorant.

  • I do the Chlorophyll thing with a morning shot of wheatgrass however I’m Polynesian and I live in a tropical environment (excess perspiration) so I use an Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a deodorant alternative to the commercial varieties.

  • DelphineDelphine Raw Newbie

    For anybody who wish to use a deodorant, I also highly recommend the ones by”Simply Divine Botanicals” (www.simplydivinebotanicals.com). The owner Barbara Rogers has lovingly & wisely created a whole line of natural face & body care products. Her deodorants, for example, stimulate your lymphatic system which is very important for your breasts, lungs, heart … health on the long term. When regular deodorants block your lymphatic system…
    May this be helpful. : )

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    the lemon juice is working like a dream!

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I just pat baking soda,have been doing this for years.

  • eating 30 lbs of greens a day will make you not smell??? wow.

    i used to use a rock crystal but i found it wasn’t effective enough. i think it prevents bacteria from growing, but if the bacteria are already there (like, if you apply it on underarms that are already slightly sweaty) it doesn’t do anything.

    so now i use this liquid version of crystal rock that has some essential oils added in, like lavendar, and it works.

    of course, i prefer no deodorant at all, but that seems to bother the rest of society.

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