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Blossoming Lotus, Portland.

I was in Portland the last few days and there was a half raw half vegan restaraunt called Blossoming Lotus. Besides having amazing raw foods, they also had raw nachos. Their cashew cheese sauce was so creamy and felt like real nacho cheese! Anyone have any idea how they make it?


  • i don’t know jkd, but when i was in portland for several days, i was in heaven. the menu was awesome and i wanted everything! i had about four meals there and hated to leave it. they do have a recipe book and perhaps they have the cheese recipe in there. i was surprised at the limited raw food options as far as restaurants in portland. however, i was thrilled that i could get plenty of raw foods in the store and especially loved the food coop and new seasons. i thought both of them were awesome stores.

  • I was in Portland a few weeks ago and BL was closed for rennovation or something. :( !!!! I was horribly disappointed. After about two days of driving, we just wanted some good raw food!

  • :( It was some amazing food! An all raw food place here in Utah is like 15+ a plate that just makes me hungrier. 7 bucks a plate at BL, 2 plates for 15 bucks is so much worthwhile.

    I had there Raw Pizza and the Nachos with a beet juice drink. That nacho sauce, I want it so bad!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    jkd, have you tried the cheddar cheese sause in this site? its really creamy…...

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    I don’t recall their Nacho Sauce being in their beautiful book Vegan World Fusion Cuisine. That particular book is mostly cooked vegan food with a handful of Raw recipes in it. Still worth it because it’s soooooo beautiful. I’ll take a peak and see if it’s in there…but don’t think it is off the top of my head.



  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Nope, reporting back…don’t see it.

  • a little birdie happened to tell me that the lotusites are busily preparing their next book. and its raw. and it will be out in july. as it so happens this very chatty little birdie also mentioned that the nacho chips and cheeze recipe will indeed be included in said book. lucky you.

    check out www.veganfusion.com if you want to stay on top of the release date of the book. they also have a newsletter you can get.

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