My sister has Osteoporosis

5 years ago, my sister was told she has osteoporosis. She has been a vegan for 25 years. But not raw. The doctor told her she has to stop eating like a vegan in order for her bones to get strong. She didn’t listen to the doctor, went on eating another year vegan. Than she was in severe pain and had a catscan done. She lost a lot of bone and she was unable to exercise and due to her pain, her husband cheated and left her after 12 years marriage.

So the doctor told her if she doesn’t start eating meat and dairy she will have serious damage to her body. So she now eats a SAD and is in great conditon. She jogs in the morning, lost so much weight and she is happier than she has been in many many years!

Now I’ve read so much books on raw, started 4 months ago at 80% and now I’m 100% raw for 2 months. I love it, the food and the way I feel.

My family are really frantic now. They say what happened to my sister will happen to me. But when I read more on Osteoporosis it mentioned that woman that never gave birth can get Osteoporosis. My sister is 42 years old now and never had children.

I can’t imagine how she got Osteoporosis. Being a vegan, active in exercise, was it just because she never had children? Why did the doctor say to improve her health she had to stop being a vegan? and IT DID HELP HER!

So I’m on raw and feel better than I have….. ever! But what happened to my sister is really a mistery to me for she was a vegan!


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Being a vegan doesn’t necessarily equate to eating healthy. She may have deficiencies or excesses that weren’t being addressed.

  • Unfortunatly, Osteoperosis is often related to a hormonal imbalance. It may have been a factor. Also, as 123 said…being a vegan doesn’t always equate to optimal really depends on the diet. Actaully, a healthy vegan diet will supply an abundance of the nutrinets needed to support optimal bone formation.

    Silica, vitamin K, magnesium and calcium are all critical nutrients found in dark leafy greens and other fruits and vegetables. What you may want to do is look into a hormone panel blood or saliva test at some point. But if you feel great, I would stay with your raw diet.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    being a vegan definitely does not guarantee a healthy diet, there is a lot of junk vegan food out there.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I just read up on sunbeds, and I read some research that people who used sunbeds got higher bone density, so I guess sunshine is a factor in bone health. Also whether of not one does weight bearing exercise is a factor, because it helps maintain healthy bones.

    Must be really frustrating for you though, seeing her look fit and healthy on SAD and having your relatives worry about you. But for how long will that last? Can you leave copies of The China Study lying around their houses accidentally on purpose?!

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