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weight loss

rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

hi everyone!! i have a question.any feedback would be wonderful.i was 245 and now and 178.i am stuck at these certain weight for so long it seems.does anyone have any weight loss tips?i was eating alot of fruit.then i read somewhere that fruit stablizes your weight and veggies make u loose.so now i am going easier on the fruit.it seems to me if i watch calories.and do not partake greatly of nuts or fats-i use veggies only with lemon juice.it seems i should drop more weight.i drink alot of water and i do a kickbox dvd a couple of times a week and walk daily-miles,in fact.so what else can i do??thanks rae-dean


  • Have you tried a fast? Alot of toxins are stored in our bodies and fasting will eliminate them and you lose weight. Before I went 100% raw, I was vegan for almost 2 years and about 80% raw for a few months. I water fasted for 6 days and lost 20 lbs. That was in January and I still weigh the same. I am 6’ tall, I already was thin and I had done smaller fasts before! Maybe fasting is what you need.


  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    oh my-yes! well i weighed today and i weigh 175.so i guess for a while i am unstuck again.well-i have now lost 70 pounds since oct.-06.well-the fast. i tried a water fast and had a buddy fast with me.she outlasted me. it was to be a 3 day water fast. i did not do good. i lasted 2 days and into part of the third day.i thought i was gonna die of hunger. i think maybe because i have been on 1000 calories for so long it felt like too much deprivation.maybe later down the line i will try fasting again.that is a good thought. i think next time i hit a time where my weight is not moving along…i may just do this.thanks james.

  • Ray Dean – I have been reading a lot on the subject as I am planning my first juice fast soon (one I find a juicer at a reasonable price) and I’ve read that a water fast is VERY hard on your system and unless you are taking herbs to flush your colon (or doing irrigation) you could be doing a lot of harm to yourself instead. I would suggest you do a juice fast. You can search them on the internet, theres a lot of valuable info out there.

    I have been stuck @ 114 lbs (goal and prev weight last year was 106…holiday’s killed me) for the past few weeks and I went 70-80% raw over a month ago and am now up to about 90 (my only non raw foods have been tofu and soy milk). I do consume nuts daily in my breakfast and I think that might be attributing to my ‘stuck’ weight. I know how frustrating it is altho my choice to go raw was not based on weight loss, rather optimum health.

    If you do try a juice fast, you can consume over 3 liters of juice a day and not worry about gaining weight. Drink when you are hungry. You should not limit calories, but your body is not working to digest whole foods and therefore concentrating more on healing and restoring you to perfect balance.

    Good luck!

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    You can make a veggie and fruit juice in a blender and than strain it in a nut bag. It will be almost the same as if you had done in a juicer. I saw Victoria Boutenko doing it in a video. You choose your veggies and fruits and also an intire lemon for cleanse.If you do it with a lemon,drink it with a straw because of the acidity that is not so good for your teeth.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    hi everyone and thanks.good idea’s.i have a champion juicer.i got it for 35$ at an estate sale. i have used it alot.i think since i have a old right now-i may just juice and not eat.i am loosing…but not as quickly as i did at first.thanks so much for all the good tips.i will do these things.rae-dean

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    i meant to write “cold”.i think i am just gonna juice and not eat.i am taking zinc and a alot of water and juices.thanks.

  • fuzzyfacefuzzyface Raw Newbie

    although some have achieved the results they are looking for, i would never advise a water fast. one thing i do not see mentioned is exercise. what are you doing in that department?

  • fuzzyfacefuzzyface Raw Newbie

    oops…i skipped the last line in your original post. my first suggestion would be to switch up your workout times. that is, 30 min one day, 45 the next, 60 the next, 40, etc, etc. much like food intake and weight training, the body will acclimatize to a repetitive program. and speaking of weight training, pushing a few weights will help you break through the plateau. you could even try a program based on 100s…extra light weights with 100 reps per set. killer workout! let me know if you would like a few more ideas to try

  • Make sure you are eating a balance of foods, including fats from avocados and nuts. You have to supply your body fat in order to loose fat. So I don’t recommend reducing your meals to just greens, your body will think it is starving and you won’t loose any more weight.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    i am walking 5 miles a day and do a kickbox dvd several times a week.i do eat nuts and avocados…just not massively.i do eat fruit but am honing in more on greens and tomatoes,jimica,kale and carrots,and cukes and zucchini ,broccoli,cabbage and all that kind of stuff.i am loosing. i guess i was just stuck for a bit.thanks again.

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